About us

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Life Balance Studio is not just Yoga.

We are about providing help for mind, body and spirit within.

Life Balance Studio was set up to provide quality yoga classes to improve the health and wellness of all our students.  We offer both hot and non hot yoga classes for all abilities.  When we first set out it was always our intention to be more than just yoga as sometimes the help that is needed is not just with the physical body.   Our workshops are aimed at  improving your Yoga practice, improving flexibility, reducing stress and to understand how our minds works and what can be done to promote a happy healthier life style. 

We offer Yoga, spiritual healing, holistic therapies, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, counselling, meditation and education.  As our name suggests it really is about finding the balance.

Meet Our Teachers




I am the owner and teacher at the studio. I have 13 years’ experience within the health/fitness industry. I opened the studio in January 2015 with an aim to help as many people as I can to feel better in their health, wellness and mind.

Our studio has a lovely, calming energy created by us all – with no egos and no crazy looking postures!! We simply have a stretch, a workout, a chill and a laugh. People from our studio come from all backgrounds. We don’t want anyone to feel intimidated by the word yoga or something different or new. We don’t take ourselves to seriously but serious in our help towards others.

Come for a little look, see what we are about – we offer stretching and posture correction, spiritual healing, holistic therapies, meditation, strong/strengthening classes to relaxation classes. Above all else, just come and enjoy yourself!




Lee Burns

My Name is Lee Burns and my journey into yoga started with a passion for Karate. I’ve spent over 25 years practicing this disciple and learning how the body works.  In Karate we learn about Refraining from violent behaviour in the same way we learn this in the eight limbs of yoga, but we call it Hitotsu! Kekki no yu o imashimuru koto I’d already studied mediation and breath work in karate so the transition into becoming a Yoga teacher was the next step on my journey.

Karate made me study Strengthen & Conditioning of the body & mind, also the correctly way in stretching the body. So moving into teaching a Hatha Yoga class just made sense to me! After an injury I suffered to my knee my wife suggested I joined her in a Yoga Class to help with recovery. I was hooked! Hatha Yoga for me was amazing as it’s brings balance to the body & mind. I studied yoga at the Yoga Hub Liverpool under Frank Perry & Stu Alexander guidance (also my beautiful wife is a yoga teacher, she helped me with self-study)

I’ve been teaching hot yoga in most of Liverpool finest yoga studios and love the heat as this brings so many benefits to the body.  My job as a yoga teacher is to mirror back the inner radiance and inherent goodness in each human being. I have the best job in the world!!!  I teach Hatha Yoga which is a traditional style of yoga which bring balance to the body & mind, I teach a strong class and you will see the benefits within 6 weeks.  Hatha is also translated as ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon.” This refers to the balance of masculine aspects—active, hot, sun—and feminine aspect receptive, cool, moon—within all of us.  In Hatha yoga we are doing Yin & Yang postures to bring balance back into the body.


Francine Bond

I am Francine Bond and I have been practising yoga for seven years! I qualified to teach Shiva and Ashtanga yoga in 2013. I am also a Personal Trainer and Fitness Class Instructor.  I run a Strength and endurance yoga class which is demanding both physically and mentally. My class aims to help people centre themselves through simple but very strong postures and a dynamic flow throughout the class! With regular practice my class will improve a individuals strength, balance, posture and fitness, this class will strengthen your mind, and will help you stay focused in and outside of the studio. Through this intense practice you will quickly find your weak spots and quickly improve them.
I believe that in life we should not be extreme anything, everything in moderation including moderation.



Jane Gallagher


I started to practise yoga when I was pregnant with my first son in 1991. I used yoga to stay fit and healthy throughout each of my four pregnancies. I have continued to practise yoga throughout my life which has helped me to cope with the many challenges work and life has thrown at me. In my other life I  work as a pastoral tutor in a sixth form college.
I have a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga and have completed CPD courses with Special Yoga, Teen Yoga, Yin Yoga and Strala Yoga schools.
I enjoy teaching Flow sequences fuelled by the breath with long guided relaxations.


Sophie Morris


Sophie is a 25 year old Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga instructor. She has been practicing yoga for over 3 years and trained to be an instructor in India at Kranti Yoga, in November 2016. She has a real passion for the outdoors and an active lifestyle. She enjoys guiding new students through her dynamic flow classes, helping to bring them strength, stability and focus. She believes that through consistent practice of yoga, you can get more out of your body, and learn to stretch your mind and self into places you thought impossible.



Lisa Baker

I teach Vinyasa Flow. I trainlisaed in ballet from a young age and went on to perform professionally for 10 years across Europe, North and South America.  I started taking yoga classes as part of my dance training to increase my strength and flexibility but I then realised that those benefits were only the tip of the iceberg and there was so much more to yoga. After retiring from dancing in 2013 I decided to train as a yoga teacher and followed the path of Raja Yoga, training in Costa Rica qualifying December 2015 with the yoga alliance RYT200.   I love to blend all elements of wellbeing, creating a healing and uplifting yoga practice body, mind and spirit.



Ruth Parle

Ruth is our in house holistic therapist who has been practising for over 11 years.  ~I have a great understanding and insight of how energies affect the mind, body and spirit. During this time I have worked in various health areas.  This includes women’s health, men’s health, community projects for socially disadvantaged groups which I loved- you can never have too much life experience to help you become better at what you do.  Reiki is an energetic healing system designed to address psychological or even spiritual needs of giving your body a gentle reminder on how to heal itself.  A healthy body mind is a natural state of being for us all.  I also provide Indian head massage, reflexology and aroma therapy massage.  I have also developed a deep mind massage which triggers and releases tension points in the head.  I provide a free consultation which is important to help you choose the treatment that suits you. I also provide the council to support the treatment through an understanding of spirit. I am at the Life Balance Studio on a Thursday afternoon and you will find my details on the contact page.

Paul Brennan

Paul qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2006 and has his  own hypnotherapy practice, The Enlightened Mind, which is based in Formby, Merseyside.  He has had great success with performance management helping those who suffer pre-exam stress, pre-interview stress and event nerves.  Paul has always been interested in the power of the mind and how thoughts can cause reactions. He believes that by paying attention to our own thoughts and feelings we are all capable of change and the regular practice of mindfulness will have a positive effect on our lives.

Nicola Wiles

I was a secondary school art teacher and began teaching children’s yoga earlier this year. Throughout my career I have enjoyed working with a variety of age groups in a creative and self-explorative way through the medium of art. However, my own practice of yoga has led me down a different career path, understanding and feeling the power of yoga for the mind and body I wanted to share that knowledge with young people.  My background has given me invaluable insight into the environmental and emotional pressures that young people can experience and I firmly believe that if we can encourage children from an early age to learn how to overcome and deal with individual and everyday challenges in a calm and focused way we encourage personal growth, self-awareness and confidence, reconnecting the mind and body as a whole. Children’s yoga encourages creativity, exploration of the self, bonding and relaxation through fun and interactive games coupled with techniques that help to calm the mind and body.