Benefits of Infrared heat

Life Balance Studio has invested in state of the art Infrared Heat Panels to make your experience the best it can be during the hot classes.

It is an environment where your body is often at floor level and the room must be kept at an ambient temperature suitable for movement, relaxation and meditation without draughts or uncomfortable overheating.

Infrared Heat Panels are the perfect heating solution. They are mounted on the ceiling, and emit completely silent, economical heat that works with your body to create a consistent and warm environment.  Infrared Heating Panels are also completely natural using 100% of the energy they require to transfer into heat so are more cost effective to run than other electric heating.<

Hot Yoga and Pilates using Infrared Heat Panels is very stimulating; it purifies, improves flexibility, protects from injury, get rids of calories. You feel amazing after classes with a great nights’ sleep!!