Classes & prices

We offer a range of classes, both hot and none heated classes, from Yoga and Pilates, to meditation classes and specialised courses, if you fancy toning those abs we have core classes too.

Pilates NON HOT – Suitable for all abilities, focusing on strengthening the core, improving poor posture, helping to ease back problems, uses smaller muscle groups, options given for different challenges, great post-op or injuries.

Restorative Yoga – A gentle yoga practise, moving slowing between posture that are supported with apparatus so you can completely release muscle tension. Very mindful class benefitting internally and externally.

Shiva Yoga – A strong and hot yoga practise! For people who want both a good stretch and a fantastic workout, practised with no music. Let’s just say you’ll be glad of Sivasana (relaxation) at the end!!

Pilates HOT – More of a fitness, core strengthening Pilates with lots of abdominal work, lots of sweat and lots of fun!

Vinyasa Yoga – Flowing through different asanas (postures) with the breath, both a stretch and strengthening of the muscles.

Yang/Yin – First half is a flow of asanas (postures) and second half is a lovely relaxing sequence practised on the mat with a fabulous sleepy ending!

Hatha/Vinyasa – No sun salutations in this evening practise, ending the day with a great stretch, mindfulness and chakra balancing.

Yin Yoga – A quiet, slow and meditative practice with a focus on the hips, pelvis and lower spine. By holding postures for an extended period, the connective tissue is stimulated and joints are nourished. Yin is open to all levels and is a great way to bring balance to your dynamic yoga practice, or for those that run or cycle a lot.

Hot Yoga Flow – A flow of postures, breathing and ending with a perfect relaxation to start your weekend – Lisa and Lee alternate weeks.

One To One Pilates helps people with injuries, after operations, illness, Physio referrals, posture and back problems.

Teen Yoga – For between 12- 16 year olds.

Childrens Yoga – For Children aged between 3 and 11.

Workshops and retreat days through out the year so keep an eye out for the information posted on social media sites and our website. A Retreat Day comprises of a full day offering a healthy breakfast and lunch, Yoga workshops with a talk on different topics depending on what’s offered.

  • £9 Hot Class
  • £7 Non Hot Class
  • £40 – 5 Class Pass
  • £70 – 10 class pass
  • £130 – 20 Class Pass
  • £30 one – one clinical Pilates session
  • £5 Children’s Yoga
  • £5 Teen Yoga
  • Enquiries for hire of room
  • Retreat Days – as per retreat day
  • For membership details see offers page. (unlimited classes) T&C’s
  • £7 non hot/ £9 hot-Sunday drop in class “pay as you go” no membership required


FREE TOWELS AND MAT HIRE – you’re welcome to bring your own!