Our Minds

Today’s post is about reflection.  How our minds work and how they affect our daily activities.  When are minds are strong all can be ok.  When we are stressed, troubled or tired how does it work then? Is our own judgement correct or perceived? When we have something on our own minds it can be […]

We really enjoyed learning about how to be more positive!

In yesterdays workshop we had lots of eager faces wanting a switch to turn off those negative thoughts, but instead Paul gave us tools and anchors to help – we can’t run away from our mind, or switch it off, but we can help ourselves to become more positive. As Paul said, “it takes practise […]

Need sleep? Need to relax? Need timeout? Well you can with our Yoga Nidra Workshop on Friday!

  Introduction to Yoga Nidra – Friday 22nd September 2017, 7 til 9pm Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is a powerful form of yoga that has been practiced for thousands of years. This amazing practice goes much further than just a relaxation technique, to a place of natural peace, calm and inner stillness, that is […]

More availability for today’s workshop – Dealing With Negative Thoughts 4pm

  Negative thoughts can not only upset our day they can disrupt the body and cause physical ailments. When we harbour a negative thought it can grow and attract more of the same thoughts. This then can lead us on to a downward spiral. How do we combat this ? What tools do we have […]

Yoga and Mindfulness weekend at Life Balance

Good evening everyone Why not treat yourself to some Yoga this weekend.   Saturday 10.am.  Lisa will be taking a hot yoga shaking out all the weeks stress and niggles.  Sunday 9.30am we have Sophie taking us through a graceful practice.  We all love Sophie’s voice it is very calm and relaxing during her class. […]