Connecting the knee with heart, the path of peace or the sword.

      There is no human on this planet that any person must kneel for, for any reason, I will say that again, there is no human on this planet that any person should kneel for, but in the presence of the true king we will kneel automatically.   Throughout our history in all […]

Some Spiritual Light on taking a knee

Before we start I would like to say thank you to Mo Roberts for helping me understand.  Many of of us have been troubled by what we have seen in our world and what is going on right now, we have seen a man lose his life which sparked global outcry, a cry for change.  […]

A pose, more than just a body position !

A little food for thought. When we practice, how many of us understand what the pose is doing to us ?  We all know about the numerous health benefits but what about the other effects, how many of us are even aware of the effects on mind and spirit or is it something we even […]

Be the Candle !

Good afternoon, Namaste There is much going on in the world at this time which is very troubling.  We thought we would share some words which may help us endure this period of uncertainty.  If we walk around the streets or shops it easy to pick up on the general feeling of our fellow man […]


Good Afternoon all, We hope everyone is having a good weekend.  We would just like to inform you that  our mindfulness courses will be commencing shortly. The courses will be ran by our good friend Paul  Brennan from ” The Enlightened Mind”.  If you are not sure what Mindfulness is take a look on the […]