Maureen Koyne- Mindful Solutions

Good evening everyone, We hope that you now all  settling back into the swing of things after the Christmas break.  As for us here we are busy as always.  January is traditionally a time to break old habits and make new resolutions.  If we stick them then that is a different matter.   We may without […]

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Everyone, Now the studio has closed and everything is done and dusted we just want to wish everyone a happy new year and to thank all for their loyalty.  We hope you have all found  a happy place to practice and that by now you are part of the furniture. There will be […]

Why 99.9% of us have not mastered Child’s Pose p.2

  What does he know about yoga- he can’t even do one of those thingy-ma-jiggy head stands or that crab thing !   Very good question – the answer is very little apparently !   However, this being said, instead of just being told you are releasing emotions, ask the teacher this…… Teach me how […]

Why 99.9% of us have not mastered Child’s Pose

  Namaste The spirit in me acknowledges the light in you.   How many of us understand the teachings of Pantanjali ?  How many of us understand the warnings that he has given through the misuse of Yoga ? How many of us understand why we experience negative effects. Who is Pantanjali anyway ? For […]

Energies, Emotions and Yoga P4

Good Evening everyone, Namaste- The spirit in me greets the spirit in you. I am hoping now that some of us are starting to see there is a lot more to our yoga practice than what we read and see on the internet.  We have discussed crying but how many of us have felt anger […]