Studio Etiquette

At Life Balance Studio we would like everyone to feel welcome and relaxed during their practice.  We would be most grateful if all our students would observe and keep the following guidelines so all can enjoy their visit.

Studio Etiquette

No foot wear is to be put on or taken off past the shoe rack at the front door.  Please do not walk into or out of the reception area with your footwear on.

Be respectful to all students- Everyone is welcome.

Be kind with your words.

Please refrain from swearing or inappropriate comments.  What may be funny to one may not be to another.

Personal hygiene and ensure your gym gear and mat are clean.

Please leave the toilet clean or how you would like to find it.  If it is not clean then please inform a member of staff.

Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of the class.

Once in the studio please wait for your teacher quietly as others may be trying to relax.

Please do not park in front of next doors gate and please leave enough space at the front of the car park for trucks to enter.