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Autumnal Aromatherapy workshop


 1 – 4PM


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We all have hectic and busy lifestyles, some more than others.  This October, Ruth our holistic therapist will be holding a workshop to teach you how to use essential oils to support the immune system and to soften the effects of a busy lifestyle and to aid in keeping you healthy.  Ruth, with many years of experience, will be teaching you about the history and origins of the oils and the benefits and properties.   You will also be making and blending your own essential oil specific to support your own immune system to which you will take away with you.

FEE £30




Lee and Sarah Burns – Yin & Yang Workshop     14 of October          Fee £30




 Back Bending Workshop Saturday 21st of October. 

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Come and join Sophie for an afternoon of back bending, this October Saturday 21st at 2pm.

We will be exploring heart opening, back strengthening and spinal health in this engaging yoga workshop.

Sophie had designed the workshop to discuss breath work, how it can enhance your practise and give you the confidence and clarity to explore deeper back bending posture The warm up practise will focus on finding warmth in the entire body and opening vital areas of the posture such as the shoulders and chest to build a safe practise.

We will then move through sun salutations, incorporating our back bending theme into Surraya Namaskara and discus the modifications for those practising to build strength or with any weakness or injuries to the spine. 

We will then move on to exploring some of the more challenging back bends, breaking down the components of the poses and working in partners or groups to  find your bendy backs.( such as wheel, camel and dhanurasana) 

We will finish with a guided meditation encompassing the fear surrounding our back bends, completely letting go of any fears holding you back and opening your heart to new possibilities. 

 Fee £25


‘Yoga For Life with Strala Yoga’

1pm – 3pm on Sunday January 7th 2018               Fee £15

Booking Essential


It’s important to find a better way to move, at every age. It’s important to learn how to release the stress and tension that inhibits us, come into harmony with our whole self, and reconnect with our nature, to move in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Whatever age you are Strala Yoga based on a system of natural movement  means we can create the right conditions for optimal health, and achieving our own best potential, in everything we do.

During the two hour workshop we will move through the basics of Strala Yoga – known as waves – and build on these to create the basis of a daily practice to fit your lifestyle.


Past events at life balance studio

108 Challenge 24-09-17 @09.30



Introduction to Yoga Nidra – Friday 22nd September 2017, 7 til 9pm

Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is a powerful form of yoga that has been practiced for thousands of years. This amazing practice goes much further than just a relaxation technique, to a place of natural peace, calm and inner stillness, that is truly life-enriching and tremendously healing. In this workshop we will explore:

the history of the practice
the science behind it
the practice itself looking at each stage of the sequence and how this benefits us

………And finally, to take us into the weekend, a beautiful guided yoga nidra practical (includes pranayama (breath control), rotation of consciousness, resolution setting, meditation and guided visualisation

Refreshments available at the end of the session.

Fee £25. Booking essential.

Vanessa has been practising yoga for over 10 years. After completing a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, she decided to take her studies further and undertook a Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Diploma, qualifying in 2016. Challenging life experiences and chronic cervical spine degenerative disease along with recent recovery from surgery have led her to seek out healing through relaxation, from which, she has experienced life changing benefits from a regular yoga nidra practice. Her passion for ongoing study and continuing development have led her most recently to complete a two day Total Yoga Nidra Foundation course run by Total Yoga Nidra Network.


Dealing with Negative thoughts- Mindfulness 2 Workshop.

Negative thoughts can not only upset our day they can disrupt the body and cause physical ailments.  When we harbour a negative thought it can grow and attract more of the same thoughts.  This then can lead us on to a downward spiral.  How do we combat this ?  What tools do we have to stop us arriving at that point? How does  sending out a negative thought react on our own bodies ? How do we change our thought processes so we do not build up our own negative energy?

Life balance studio will be hosting our next Mindfulness workshop focusing  on combating negative thoughts and giving us some tools to keep them away.  The workshop will be taken by our friend Paul Brennan of The Enlightened Mind and will be held on.

Sunday the 17th of September from 4.00pm until 5.30pm.

The fee is £25 pounds.  For all of our members who attended the introduction workshop there is £5 discount.

Booking is essential please contact the studio 01704 877980 or



Friday 18th of August Family Yoga workshop with Nicola

Please contact the studio to book (booking essential) or to ask any questions.

Call 01704 877980

DM on any of Life Balance Studios’s social media.




4th July 2017

Take time for you this weekend!
We have 3 chances of escaping the norm this weekend…

10am Saturday Hot Yoga with Lisa W
9:30am Sunday Non Hot Yoga with Lisa Baker Holistics
4pm Sunday Mindfulness Workshop with Paul who has over 20 years of experience helping with stress of exams, work, interviews and coping with your thoughts and your reactions to people/experiences.

Spaces available on all – get in touch!