We offer Yoga, mindfulness, counselling, hypnotherapy, holistic therapies, spiritual healing, meditation and education.

Life Balance was in started in Formby, Liverpool in 2015 by Lisa Wilson to teach yoga and Pilates. Lisa saw very quickly that there’s a lot more ways we can help ourselves and each other, so Yoga was the foundation of something far bigger. Our intention is to provide a platform where we can find activities to reduce stress, guidance, help for our minds, food for our souls and to help live a healthier, happier and peaceful lives.

The website is for anyone and everyone, more so for any who are struggling and do not know where to turn, and it doesn’t matter if you think the problem is trivial or huge. A problem is a problem and help will be found somewhere within. If we have more balance in our lives or we are more at peace, then life can be a lot easier even when things become turbulent.

It is about “finding the balance”, we discuss different topics which focus on mental health and mental wellbeing. If you do not have balance in your life we can hopefully give some new ideas to find it. If you work in a stressful job, toxic environment, lost, lonely, looking for something you can’t find or you’re just tired of life, then Life Balance is the place for you.

We teach Yoga and pilates, but with a new understanding for your practice to reap more benefits. Don’t worry we still be teaching our normal classes but for those who wish to have a deeper understanding we will teach some different poses, Yoga of the mind, that will help our outlook and teach some spiritual fundamentals but also what practices can be detrimental and what will help balance the mind, body and soul.

We run seminars, workshops, talks, events, coffee mornings, pop up venues and retreats. Offering you some alternative therapies, sharing some topics and we can introduce you to some experts to help you relax, get fit, or get outdoors but also how to grow your own vegetables and to undertake some great recipes to keep us healthy or tantalise the taste buds.

It really is about finding the balance and what we can do to help ourselves if we are stressed, ill or struggling.  We will also be adding to our community to where we will endeavour to find the best person suited to help us with a particular problem that any of us may encounter. Sometimes we can feel we don’t have enough or not content with our lot, but really, we just need to look at things differently or create some tools to cope or deal with what is going on in our lives.

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