Change: The Enlightened Mind

14 April, 2023

The enlightened mind

CHANGE:  The Enlightened mind


The dictionary defines change as; to alter or modify something or someone.

Change is something that we all have to face throughout our lives, whether we welcome it or not, it is something that is always around us.


Traditionally at the end of the year many people decide that with the start of a new year they’ll make changes. New Year’s resolutions are made, to be fitter, slimmer, learn something new, give up bad habits, etc. Now it’s April how many of those changes have been forgotten or never begun and will be left to the end of another year to be thought about again?


Change can start at any time, we don’t have to wait another year to make the changes we want for ourselves.  Sometimes it may seem easier to put things off or never even try, even though we know it would make things better. Each new day brings an opportunity to begin again and change the habits of a lifetime.


Sometimes change is forced upon us and is beyond our control. In those circumstances it can be difficult to understand or accept the challenges that face us. However, there may be something that can prove to be positive even if it isn’t obvious at that time.

The Doorway to CHANGE.Change the enlightened mind


So the change I’m making is a challenge to myself to write more articles than I have done recently.    I want to take each letter that spells CHANGE to focus on each month. As you can see the first word I’d like to look at is Challenge.


Life isn’t easy and we all face challenges, for some they may be minor, whilst for others they are seemingly overwhelming. How we deal with those challenges is a challenge in itself. I recently watched a film called The Swimmers which is a true story of two teenage girls in war torn Syria who wanted to swim in the Olympics.

I won’t spoil the story but it’s a good example of how someone deals with the change and challenges thrown at them. It also shows that we can’t do it all ourselves sometimes we need the help of others. So to use another C word, collaboration is important. Sometimes we really do need to seek the help of others when we are facing change and challenge.


Why not take the opportunity to make those changes you wish to see in your life now? If you would like some collaboration to help you make those changes come along to the Life Balance healing day at Crosby library on Saturday 15th April from 10am to 2pm.





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