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The life balance approach is about finding the right help in one place, you can contact any of our team directly to ask for advice or guidance, book an appointment or just to try something new.  We have access to many alternative therapies, healing and holistic help. If there is something that you can not find then drop us an email as we always know someone, we can also guide you to what should be avoided and what can be damaging to any of us with mental health issues.


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Twitter:    @LifeBalanceS

Instagram: lifebalanceliverpool

Reiki Rach:  Phone: 07934351972 Facebook: InnerEnergyReikiRach1,  Instagram: reiki_rach_1,

Twitter: IEReikiRach


The Enlightened Mind – Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness (Paul Brennan) 07931863938

Sports Massage: John Fairbrother, Concordia clinic 07305 556632 or via @Concordia_sports_massage on Instagram.

Magnetic Healing: Ian Horrigan, 07885 638697

Spiritual Healing:  (Brian) message 07771871946 or email

Maureen Koyne:   Hypnotherapy , counselling   and Hypnobirthing: http: //

7725 731 073 / 0151 928 5445   Skype:7725 731 073

Yes Chef!:  Cameron Rutherford,

Tomorrow’s Garden:

Yoga & Pilates classes and private sessions:



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