Day of Healing

Day of Healing


What are Healing Days?

Healing days are about getting what ever help we need to move forward.  There are many things in this world that make life hard.  Help and healing should never be out of the reach of anyone.  A problem is a problem be it mind, body or spirit, big or small, new or old.

Sometimes we may not have the money, feel our problems are silly, not important, that we can not get the right help.  We feel that we are not important or the problem may sound so unreal and far fetched that no one would believe us, let alone know how to help.

Day of Healing

If there is something that causes us physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain then come and speak with us.   If we are unhappy, lost, sad, lonely, unloved, have questions or experiences that we do not understand then come and see us.

We can put ourselves at the back of the que.  We can sacrifice being happy, content and at peace, we can suffer grief, addictions, trauma, loss.  We may want to hurt ourselves, we can be battered from pillar to post.  We may only have a short time on this planet.  We may be taken from those that we love or have forced separations.  We may have witnessed pain and suffering or have inflicted wounds that we wish we had not.  We may have got ourselves into trouble and want change.


We may wish that things had been different.  We had acted and done things differently, actions/ consequences or life choices.  We may want to say sorry or waiting for the sorry that will never come.  We may be racked with guilt/anger or never had the chance to say what was needed. Our lives may be turned on our heads.  No one listens or have low self esteem.

We may be sick of the chaos on this planet, sick of lies and seek the truth.

Regardless of our problems there is always help.  If we are searching for a path or nothing brings us happiness, if we can’t sleep or have a family or relationship problems.  If work is getting us down or battling sickness and illness, sick animals, struggling to keep our heads above water then come and see us.  If we have thoughts in our minds that we cannot change or need help climbing back up the ladder then we are here if and when help is wanted.

There are many things the team can help with and all in one place.  The help and treatments that are given on the day are  free of charge.  Anyone and everyone is welcome.  Each month the team write articles so that our readers can see who may be suited to giving the help that is needed, just have a look through the website, Facebook  or Instagram.

Our Healing days are there for those who have spiritual questions, questions on yoga, the deeper meanings and connections.  For those who seek knowledge, freedom and understanding.  Those who wish to know how spiritual problems manifest in to the physical.

We teach yoga and Pilates and organise community and group events.  If you need some help or know someone who does then please share our links or come and visit us on our Healing Days.

There is always time to make a fresh start, a day one, a reset a start again,

to try again, to find peace, happiness and contentment.

To read more on our Healing days and find time and location, please click the link to the events page.

Healing Days are held quarterly but if you need help get in touch with the team.

If you wish to speak to us feel free to get in touch with Lisa or the team by social media or any of the details on the contact page


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