Feedback from our Mindfulness Workshop

13 July, 2017

Thanks Paul for running “An Intro To Mindfulness” Workshop last week. We had some great feedback…..

“It’s about putting what we learnt into practise, it’ll get easier to be more positive”

“Are they really being annoying? Or is it just me reacting in a negative way? That has helped me this week to be aware of my thoughts and reactions to people in my life.”

“It was great, he know’s his stuff – i’m going to see him on a one to one appointment and I’ll look forward to his course in October.”

“I enjoyed it. Paul is a good communicator and I thought it was pitched at the right level for a 90 minute overview. I read quite a lot about mindfulness and use the Headspace app every day for about 10 minutes of meditation but even when some messages are heard for second and third times, it helps to reinforce them.
I still can’t focus on things in the given moment as much as I’d like to but I am better than I used to be so, as Paul said, practising on the day to day things like driving, brushing teeth etc helps. Not only does it help deal with negative thoughts when they come but also helps focus on tasks at hand so they can be done better.
Anyway, really enjoyed it, thanks for arranging and I would be interested in hearing about further sessions.”

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