Get your bendy back!

11 August, 2017

Get your bendy back!


Come and join Sophie for an afternoon of back bending, this October Saturday 21st at 2pm.

We will be exploring heart opening, back strengthening and spinal health in this engaging yoga workshop.


Sophie had designed the workshop to discuss breath work, how it can enhance your practise and give you the confidence and clarity to explore deeper back bending posture The warm up practise will focus on finding warmth in the entire body and opening vital areas of the posture such as the shoulders and chest to build a safe practise.


We will then move through sun salutations, incorporating our back bending theme into Surraya Namaskara and discus the modifications for those practising to build strength or with any weakness or injuries to the spine. 


We will then move on to exploring some of the more challenging back bends, breaking down the components of the poses and working in partners or groups to  find your bendy backs.( such as wheel, camel and dhanurasana) 


We will finish with a guided meditation encompassing the fear surrounding our back bends, completely letting go of any fears holding you back and opening your heart to new possibilities. 

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