Good evening gang

24 June, 2017

We hope you are enjoying your weekend.  We just want to take a moment to introduce you to Paul Brennan our newest member and an old friend of the Life Balance team.

Paul qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2006 and has his own own hypnotherapy practice, The Enlightened Mind, which is based in Formby, Merseyside. He has had great success with performance management helping those who suffer pre-exam stress, pre-interview stress and event nerves.
Paul has always been interested in the power of the mind and how thoughts can cause reactions. He believes that by paying attention to our own thoughts and feelings we are all capable of change and the regular practice of mindfulness will have a positive effect on our lives.

Paul will be teaching and running our Mindfulness workshops.  Should you need any help or Hypnotherapy then please get in touch with Paul. 07931 863938.

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