Introducing our children’s yoga teacher- Nicky Wiles

9 August, 2017

Good evening everyone,

Some of you may know Nicky but some of you may not, so we just want to take a moment to introduce Nicky to you all.  Nicky teaches our children’s yoga class.  As its the summer holidays we have a family yoga workshop next Friday at 1pm-2.15pm.

Have a little read of Nicky’s bio which is also on the “about us” page.

Nicola Wiles

I was a secondary school art teacher and began teaching children’s yoga earlier this year. Throughout my career I have enjoyed working with a variety of age groups in a creative and self-explorative way through the medium of art. However, my own practice of yoga has led me down a different career path, understanding and feeling the power of yoga for the mind and body I wanted to share that knowledge with young people.  My background has given me invaluable insight into the environmental and emotional pressures that young people can experience and I firmly believe that if we can encourage children from an early age to learn how to overcome and deal with individual and everyday challenges in a calm and focused way we encourage personal growth, self-awareness and confidence, reconnecting the mind and body as a whole. Children’s yoga encourages creativity, exploration of the self, bonding and relaxation through fun and interactive games coupled with techniques that help to calm the mind and body.

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