Maureen Koyne- Mindful Solutions

22 January, 2018

Maureen Koyne- Mindful Solutions

Good evening everyone,

We hope that you now all  settling back into the swing of things after the Christmas break.  As for us here we are busy as always.  January is traditionally a time to break old habits and make new resolutions.  If we stick them then that is a different matter.   We may without knowing carry last years baggage into the new year.  For those of us who may need some help, guidance or advice then we would like to take a few minutes and introduce Maureen Koyne.

Maureen has a long and extensive background in counselling and hypnotherapy.  She has helped many of us in the past to overcome obstacles and look at things from a different perspective. Any of you that already know Maureen will know that she has a fantastic knack of making us feel at ease and has infectious laugh.  She is at all times professional and creates an environment which helps us.

So for those of us that may need a little help, for those of us who want change and those of us who may want to kick a habit then Maureen is a great person to speak to.  Maureen’s details can be found in our contact page.

Maureen Koyne-Mindful solutions


For those of us who are expecting or adding to our families then we will be discussing Hypno birthing and the benefits not only for mum and baby but for dad also.  Below is a little extract on pain control.  We have also added a couple of links to get you going.

“Hypnobirthing pain control skills can prevent you from feeling the fear-tension-pain cycle. The way this would work is that fear of pain produces tension in the body which in turn lowers your pain threshold. At the same time, that pattern potentially slows down the birth of your baby.”

Maureen Koyne- Mindful Solutions

If you wish to know more  then please feel free to get in touch with Maureen.  As always we ask if you know anyone that may need a bit of help then pass the details over.

See you all soon LB

You can get in touch with Maureen and make 1-1 appointments: Click here  or come and speak with her on our next “Day of Healing” at Crosby Library: Click here


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