Mind vs Body

25 September, 2017

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In this day and age we spend so much time on our outward appearance.  How we look, losing weight, gaining more muscle.  We do Yoga, go the gym, we run and do circuits and various exercises to keep our bodies in shape.

What about our minds, do we take care of our minds.  Do we give our minds rest like we do after the gym.  When we have a physical injury we may avoid training that part of our body- do we do the same with our minds.

We are quite happy to tell people that we are not training due to an injury but we are not so forward when our minds are not working well or when our minds are in pain !

We have physio for our muscles and we are not embarrassed about that so why are we when our heads need help.

Why is there stigma ????

If a muscle can get injured and needs corrective exercise the same must be said of the mind.  Moving forward Life Balance Studio will be adding classes to help us with our minds as we have for the body.  Just as we flush out toxins from the body we need to flush out them out of the mind also. We all must understand the brain needs balance. It is a muscle and sometimes  needs a PT to guide it the right direction, correct bad form as if we were in the gym and do away with negative ideas like eating the wrong foods.

The important thing is getting the right balance, we do not beat ourselves up as this can bring more trouble to the mind and make us worse and to be around people who understand.  We will be introducing you to some new members of our team shortly and you will always be able to find the help or guidance you need on our contact page.

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