Restaurant Vibe Indoors- Yes Chef

6 February, 2021

This month Chef Cam has given us something we can all try to bring a little bit of normality into our weekends.

Intricate presentation doesn’t have to be stressful. Work on a big white platter and treat it like an artists canvass. By using cold ingredients you don’t have the added pressure of keeping things warm. Also because your doing one family style plate – you can feed more people with less washing up! Start by sourcing the best cold ingredients you can. As a chef I tend to make my own but there some amazing products out there like cured salmon, crab and lobster. Why not make it special with some caviar. Treat yourself – we all need something to look forward to in these times. Why not add some restaurant vibes to your Saturday night at home. Make an effort, be creative, light some candles and above all enjoy yourself.

Happy Cooking

Chef Cam


Ingredients used for this dish are as follows but please remember to use your imagination and cook with your heart

Cured Salmon

King crab



Thinly sliced radish

Crushed avocado


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