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Root Bound

21 June, 2023

Root Bound LifeBalance

Root Bound – Tomorrow’s Garden

In this blog I’m going to talk about plants being root bound and comparing it to people feeling ‘different’ from their family and friends. 

If you plant a plant in a pot it’ll grow to fit that pot and then stop growing.  It becomes root bound/pot bound, stressed out or worse, die. Plants need room to grow, to spread their roots, ground themselves and flourish. Plants can also produce flowers that produce seeds to protect their species so they produce to carry on. The plant also needs to be dormant at certain times of the year too.  It cannot keep growing all year, it needs rest to gain energy and recover from all the work they’ve done during their grow time.


It can be the same with people, if you keep a person stuck in a place we can’t grow, learn and mature.

Life is about growing, learning, asking questions and moving through the years gaining knowledge ready for the next life. (If we have to return).

Sometimes our pot is those around us.

Family, friends or colleagues sometimes prefer to keep us in that pot because it’s easier for them as they’re not ready to grow themselves.  They may not have the knowledge to answer our questions. Maybe they’re on a different path, maybe they understand things differently to us. Make allowances for them, be kind and allow ourselves to have the space to grow. We aren’t stuck, were pot bound because we feel people are forcing us onto their path when that path isn’t right for us. 

Root bound

I’d like to tell you trust yourself, trust your inner self (spirit within). 

Flowers don’t compete with their friends, they just bloom. 

What can we do to grow out of our pot? 


  • Set boundaries, tell those people in your life ‘no’ and don’t feel guilty about it.
  • Get others to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Keep grounded and balanced.  We may need to step away from these people who don’t like to see us grow. 
  • Trust ourselves.
  • We change our pot ourselves.


Reason – Season – Lifetime

Reason – people come into our life for a reason.

Season – people come into our life for a season.

Lifetime – people come into our life for a lifetime. 

Hope this helps a few people.  

Happy growing – Lisa x

If any of our readers feel pot bound then come and talk, if anything in our topics resonates, then come and have a chat.  The garden is another lens than can help us unlock many aspects of ourselves.  Our next Day of Healing is at Crosby Library.  There will also be a few of my plants available to purchase.


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