The 108 Challenge

24 September, 2017


We would like to thank Tony, Antony, Jay, Catherine for taking part.  We would like to thank Lisa for the very tiring job of writing down the numbers, apparently the pressure was on not to get it wrong.  Most of all we would like to thank “Our Machine” Francine for leading the challenge and kept everyone going with her encouragement from start to finish.We all know how hard it is to keep the mind working when we are gasping for air.

Today everyone left knowing that they had achieved something.  Today we took something we love doing and used it to raise money to help others.  We have raised a significant amount of money already.  Now its your turn.  All of you that have pledged a donation we will look forward to adding it to what the team have raised this morning.  It is still not to late to do your bit if you wish.

What can we say other than you smashed it.  Thank you for giving your time to help others. Those of you who did not get your Hoodie today will be getting one in the next few days- our way of saying thank you.

Have a good rest now you deserve it !



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