Welcome to Life Balance Studio

6 November, 2014

Life Balance Studio is named as I believe it is really important to balance our busy lives, whether it is through Yoga, Pilates or fitness. Or indeed, all three! It’s all about finding what makes you happy and balanced, feeling your best inside and out and connecting with your body.

Life Balance Studio offers something for everyone, from Yogi’s to fitness fanatics, beginners to advanced. Life Balance has hot and non-heated Yoga and Pilates on the timetable.  People come to the mat for different reasons – loose weight, tone up, detox, connect with mind and body, or to improve flexibility, core strength posture and even their sleep patterns.

Take a look at the time table and find your routine and classes/teachers that suit you by taking advantage of the introductory offer:

£5 for your 1st class or £35 for 30 days where you can really take advantage of the 30 days by using it as much as you want. 

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