What is Life Balance About

7 August, 2017

Good afternoon everyone,

As you know the studio has been going through some changes, we still have a few more to make.  We will still have just as many great yoga classes for you.   The changes we are making are for you to know, that what ever life throws at you, you can find the help that is needed.  We can help you find the life balance.

So what is life balance “our” studio about?

We started off as a yoga studio but realised a long time ago that there is more we can do to help our members find the life balance.  There are many times in our lives that we need help and times when we do not know what to do or how to find a way forward.  In life, situations arise that can throw us in to turmoil.  How do we deal with these? How do we cope? How do we find the pressure relief valve?  When situations effect our families, our health or the health of family member, our finances or work – where do we find the help?  Where do we find the strength to move forward?

Life balance studio offers healing, support and education.  Our healers, councillors, teachers and therapists are here to help, give council and help you through the tough times.  Our workshops will be aimed at the things that throw our lives out of balance, to help calm the waters of life and help bring back the harmony. Sometimes we feel that we have no one to talk to or that others will not understand.  Sometimes we do not know why we are unhappy, we feel lost in a room full of friends or just don’t know how to change a situation.  Help will always be given.  Peace can always be found if you know how.

Regardless if you just want a good old stretch, need healing, guidance, or a head massage.  If you can’t find the help you need.  If your doctor can not help and don’t know where to turn, then call us and arrange an appointment. If you know someone who is struggling then share this post and pass our details on. We always know someone who may need a helping hand.





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