Wrestling and Yoga

14 December, 2023

Wrestling and yoga

Wrestling and Yoga

Yogic Wisdom


There are great similarities between Wresting and Yoga but maybe not what you would think.  The path of the wrestler or warrior is not the same path of the Yogi.  Their paths can lead to the same point but take different routes.  These routes cannot be blended as we will find ourselves going around in circles or taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back.

When we look at both from a different perspective both practices do the same thing.  Both are designed to the defeat the opponent.

By Move or by Pose we defeat the enemy.  Light over Dark.  Good over Bad.

We deflect blows, we subdue, we overcome.  Those of us on the yogic path our enemy is our bad actions, deeds and thoughts.  How we treat others?  Can we defend ourselves with our minds only?  Can we withstand the storm without using aggression or physical strength.

As for the wrestler by discipline they train their bodies to accept physical pain, to overcome, a battle of strength and will. To be of strong mind, to pass the enemies guard, to overcome their defences. Strength and skill are essential for this path. But, how do we defend ourselves when our strength has gone?

Pictures courtesy of Masda gym Liverpool.

Wrestling and Yoga. Life Balance

As appose to releasing emotions both paths need control over the emotions. Control of anger, aggression, sadness, sorrow, fear of loss, free of ego.  The same lessons but from a different angle, there are more emotions, thoughts and situations to practice and overcome, to overcome evil and do good.

The truth is, a wrestling move and a yoga pose do the same thing.

They defend, deflect and rebuke the adversary attacks. They strengthen.  The approach is from different aspects.  The mixing of martial arts with yoga will always conflict.  However, there is a way to blend the 2 paths.  It is not a blended path as such but its own path, with challenges and rewards.  It is the path that can blend opposites and make them whole.  It is unique and complements both paths.

Like water, it is strong and gentle at the same time

This path needs dedication, practice, commitment.  Our strength and will grows the longer we are on it.  We will become like water and what we mean by water, is Meek,

Bold, Brave and unyielding.

Has the ability to bond opposites.

It is the path of the Peaceful Warrior,

Living water.

We wish you all unity with your spirits.


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