108 Challenge

This September, Sunday the 24th we are challenging ourselves to 108 Sun Salutations with Francine to raise as much money as possible for The Venus Centre in Bootle. (a registered charity to help under privileged woman & children.) The challenge will be starting at 9:30am but it’s up to us when we finish – can we break the time record?!?

To sign up please email lisa@lifebalancestudio.co.uk or see us at the studio. We will all be wearing  108 challenge vests with the proceeds going towards our charity.  All  we need is your name, phone number & size of vest you would like.

The top is to be worn on the day but if you wish to wear it before the challenge to advertise what we are doing and help raise money then please feel free!  Anyone is welcome, the heat won’t be on, please spread the word – we need your help to help others.  The 108 Challenge is about being self less- lets see what we can do together.

Please spread the word to as many as possible, all are welcome.  Anyone who wishes to help or raise money then please get in touch.

Thank You,
Francine & Lisa  .

We would like to thank Francine, Lisa, Tony, Antony, Jay and Catherine for giving there time and there energy to the 108 challenge.