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A Different Approach

11 September, 2023

A Different Approach

A Different Approach – Ask Maureen

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to September and this month’s article.


I hope you have all had a wonderful summertime, and are enjoying our latest heatwave.


I recently came across a wonderful woman who has spent her adult life in the service of others.  A committed Christian she and her husband Michael O’Neil ran a health retreat in Australia called “Well-Springs”.


Over the years the couple helped thousands of people overcome their health difficulties by following simple remedies and following the 8 laws of Father, Mother, God.   Hippocrates said “let food be our medicine and medicine be thy food.”


This is not new concept, our bible is full of the prophets and sages who tell us about fasting, drinking water, eating the right kind of plant foods.  In fact the Psalmist tells us that God gave humanity herbs for the service of humanity. Along with exercise via work and relaxation.  And to eat all things in moderation, thereby keeping us strong and healthy. The Psalmist tells us how sweet is the sleep of the working man. They even suggested the kind of fabrics we could be wearing to enhance our health.


With that said, I would like to introduce you to Barbara O’Neill this Australian lady  had a memory that one can only marvel at.  No notes to prompt her.  She could draw a diagram, give a lecture on the internal organs of the human body.  Educate us on herbs that heal.  Quote scripture chapter and verse, and was so very interesting to listen to.


As I previously mentioned I only discovered her a couple of months ago.  Since then she has helped me to transform my life.  How, by her family sharing all her videos from her lectures and seminars, from around the world.


Barbara trained as a psychiatric nurse.  Had six children.  And had to flee for her life from her first husband.  It was when she became a Christian that she started to look at alternative ways to heal.  So she turned to the bible and gained a lot of information.

Personally I believe that she had Divine Intervention.  She and her second husband have helped thousands of people get their health and strength back.  She thanks the Almighty and says she is just following the good books advice.


Barbara shared a story; when her three year old daughter suffered from ear-ache.  The Doctor put her on three lots of antibiotics yet still the condition persisted.  Disillusioned she enquired from her elderly neighbour “how did you treat ear-ache before doctors gave out antibiotics?”

Her neighbour told Barbara that she should heat up an onion when hot and softened, to cut it in half put one half in an old cotton sock, and after it was cooled to place it over the child’s ear to tie a bandage around it and let her sleep.  The child slept through the whole night.  Next day the ear-ache was gone.  Encouraged by this she hastily read all she could about herbs and even found in her bible the reference,

God gave herbs for the service of mankind.


Barbara and her husband’s retreat was a place where people could go and get help.  Learn about food and the impact it has on the body.  Prescribing life changing choices of vegetable, the dark green leafy type, pulses, seeds and nuts.  And avoiding stimulants, sugar, white flour,   To be in bed by 10pm and rise at 6am.  Exercise fresh air, sunshine, water, and nutritious foods, she also suggested having breakfast like a king, luncheon like a queen, and supper like a pauper.  Stating the first two meals give the stomach time to digest and work at assimilation, offering us better health and well-being.  Better sleep and wake up rested and refreshed.


This lady was widely read, she described herself as an avid reader.  She would memorise her bible, and memorise her materials for each seminar and lecture.  She barely falters.


She also gave an excellent account of why some prescribed drugs are unhelpful.

But don’t just take my word for it.  If you have an hour or so to spare.  Catch one of her You Tube videos, and judge for yourself.


Unfortunate for Barbara, in 2019 the Australian Government banned her from public speaking, hence her travelling extensively.


I do hope that you gain some useful information that might even have a transformational impact on your own life.


So I have listed For your information the eight laws she taught.

  1. Sleep, bed by 10am she shared how our body does its spring cleaning during the hours of 10pm and 3am. Watch her fascinating lecture on sleep on You Tube.

2.Diet, and the digestive system showing the function of the liver, and how the alimentary canal operates, the assimilation and storing of the food we eat.

3.Intermitting fasting the 8-16 hour window.  Fasting between the hours of your last meal and the next meal.

  1. Sunshine. And Exercise she only recommends 15 minutes of high intensity training a day. Barbara and Michael ran up the hills behind their home every day.
  2. Water, the importance of keeping well-hydrated. And adding natural half a teaspoon of sea-salt as it has 92 minerals (compared to just two in table salt Himalayan salt has 78) to water as our brain is a hydroelectrically functioning organ. Check out this on You Tube

6.temperance no alcohol, stimulants coffee, recreational drugs, tobacco. See how they impact on the body.

  1. Avoid Stress. Stress uses up a lot of energy and puts strain on the internal organs. 8.Trust in God. Have faith the body we have been given adopting the above advice that given the right conditions the body can heal itself.




Until next time look after one another and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.


Love Maureen x



A little reminder that we are holding another of our healing days at Crosby Library Waterloo Liverpool on Saturday September 23rd.  10Am till 2pm. Admission and treatments are free The whole team look forward to meeting you.

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