Be the Candle !

20 March, 2020

Be the Candle

Be The Candle

There is much going on in the world at this time which is very troubling.  We thought we would share some words which may help us endure this period of uncertainty.  If we walk around the streets or shops it easy to pick up on the general feeling of our fellow man and woman, you may be feeling fearful, worried, stressed, panicked or just unsettled.  How many of us have Peace at this time?

We have seen some immoral actions being brought out in people, but also solidarity and hope.  These are dark times and it can bring out the worst in peoples’ nature and negatives will attract more negatives, but there is something we can all do to change this.  When we witness fights or arguments in our communities then please think about what is below.

We would like to share some words that my little brother told me me a few weeks ago.  These are the words of St. Francis of Assisi.




What does that mean to us?

Each of us carry the light within, we are those candles, each and every single one of us, we can choose to warm, illuminate and share that light.  How ever dark it gets in the world, it will never leave you.  The more we share the light the better it will become.  When we see those around us who are struggling or worried send the light.  When we see fights or altercations be the candle, share your light to those with need.  It may be you that strengthens the flame that is within them and helps.  As we walk around the shops, or go to work or see those less fortunate than ourselves, – send them Peace, Love and Light so however fearful or troubled we are, if we are at Peace then things are a whole lot easier.  It is up to all of us if we steady the ship and we can do that by being a candle.


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