A pose, more than just a body position !

18 May, 2020

A little food for thought.

When we practice, how many of us understand what the pose is doing to us ?  We all know about the numerous health benefits but what about the other effects, how many of us are even aware of the effects on mind and spirit or is it something we even consider?  A pose, more than just a body position !

For those of us who wish to understand a little bit more or a little deeper then we will be giving the spiritual understandings and poses which will help us in our day to day lives.

Many poses fall into a cycle of life and by this, when situations arise certain poses make these periods easier to deal with, there are poses which can help us get through the toughest of times, strengthen our minds, deal with periods of high stress or emotion turmoil and bring peace in the most painful situations.

There are also poses which are to be avoided which can actually make things tougher and open the mind to negative aspects, over stimulate emotions  and increase our desires-how can we find peace when we always want something or in tough situations.

A pose, more than just a body position !

When we understand the qualities of a  pose and we practice, then we can begin to understand union in truth by using the pose to connect mind with spirit to create change in the physical body but also change how we think and our outlook for the better.  Life can be so much easier when we are at peace and calm and the positions that give peace seem to be some of the most simple.


If you wish to learn more about this aspect of yoga then come and speak with us on our next “Day of Healing” at Crosby Library.  Follow us on Instagram 

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