Some Spiritual Light on taking a knee

10 June, 2020

Before we start I would like to say thank you to Mo Roberts for helping me understand.  Many of of us have been troubled by what we have seen in our world and what is going on right now, we have seen a man lose his life which sparked global outcry, a cry for change.  We must not let our rage turn to anger and anger to violence, but use our rage in a positive way and create the world we wish to live in.

We also need to understand that there are elements working against humanity and sowing division and hate and turning neighbour against neighbour. There are those who will use this mans precious life for their political gains, boosting egos and fuelling the flames of hate.   This will just not do, we are all equal and there are many things that need to be addressed.  Growing up in South London in the seventies and eighties as an Irish Catholic people would call us terrorists or bog rats or when they heard my mums accent change how they treated her, its no more than simple ignorance.

We felt it important that we give a spiritual understanding of taking a knee, what it does and how we can all bring around change.  Taking a knee is way beyond any political group or argument, or to be manipulated by the media, it is a YOGA POSE which is the steps to change anger to love, injustice to justice, intolerance to tolerance, it’s about taking fear, frustration and hurt away and changing it to love of our fellow man and woman, humility, compassion for all and creating unity through peace.

We want to give you a little understanding of the mechanics and how our bodies and minds work with mother earth.  The pose does not draw up energy, but by the power of mother earth removes energy, which in response will not create or overstimulate the emotional body as if we are angry this energy will amplify Anger – this energy can consume us.  By knowing what the pose does by believing in it and wanting change we then transmute the energy to a positive.  We can never change peoples opinions but we can help them feel love, we just need for them to be shown a better way.

Its up to the individual if they want to take a knee but even knowing what the pose means will help.  We do not need to take pictures of ourselves taking a knee as when we do this and we say “look at me” then we have changed the energy for others, for ourselves and we have then had our thank you.  Do it in private, incorporate it into your practice and ask our mother earth to show us a better way.

George Floyd was a good a spirit and chose to take this difficult path to show us all a better way.  Next time you see someone taking a knee and not a political or media stunt, look beyond the physical and know that mother earth’s feminine energy is there to bring around the changes we all need.


Please share this as we can make a difference


Lets not remember that a knee took away our brother but what his sacrifice has given us,  a way to turn hate to love and when love is around it has the power to change the most negative of vibrations.



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