Connecting the knee with heart

19 June, 2020

Connecting the Knee with the Heart

Connecting the knee with heart, the path of peace or the sword.

There is no human on this planet that any person must kneel for, for any reason.  We will say that again.  There is no human on this planet that any person should kneel for, but in the presence of the true king, we will kneel automatically. 


Throughout our history in all cultures human beings have knelt.  Why is that?  The path of Raja yoga is a good place to begin our research and what constitutes a King, righteousness and upholding the law.  Some may associate a King with a crown, a crown of gold, the colour gold has its own story, but it is not about physical wealth.

If we can understand Raja Yoga a bit more, we can see the beauty in our brothers and sister’s practice, by that I mean beliefs.  When this happens a great process starts, one of the elements is showing us how to love our brother, sisters and our enemies.  Let’s think on that, if I can love my enemy then I can surely fix quarrels, outrage, disagreements, injustice, intolerance.  There is a key to fixing the problems through the heart centre which in turn help us correct the balance.

Connecting the knee with heart, the path of peace or the sword.

Sometimes we do things without understanding or understanding of outcomes, we see this a lot in Yoga, but for some they will never feel the deeper benefits because of what we can do to ourselves, our mindsets and our teachers.

When we focus on the heart and we begin to have union, the body will put itself into the Yoga position that it needs to be, there is no getting away from this, you will not be able to stop it!  It does not matter how much we are suffering in the physical, the feeling not only gives us strength but helps us carry any burden or loss, we can look at the Indian ascetics for an understanding.

For this reason, we need to change the perception of kneeling, and for that we need to look at a limb of the ancient symbol of the svastika.  Many of us know the svastika in its misused form of hate and terror but if we look further back into its history we see it as a symbol of peace, hidden knowledge and union.

Taking a Knee, be guided by the heart.


Anything can be misused as the svastika has and we only have to put on the television to see this.  Evil will always misuse symbols but the svastika shows us how to change. We choose what we wish to broadcast or receive, we can create energy by way of symbol, deeds, yoga pose, ritual or ceremony.  When we put the right knee down – doing the right thing, righteousness, we put the knee into a removal position and with that begin the process of drawing out the poison on this planet.  We must hold this in our hearts and trust in the law of good, the law of a king, to be shown a better way.

The Kneeling position shows our limbs are one and if we neglect a limb then we effect the balance, even though we may feel like individuals or alone, we are all part of something bigger, we are all spirit.

Do you see the similarities of the position to the constellation of the great bear, the way to the pole star, true north or truth.  Truth which is the centre of the svastika as the Yoga practitioners know, the heart centre.  Understand the symbol and know, ”my enemy is my friend”, regardless of how much division we see on the media, let the heart hold true, the group does not speak for the individual.

Connecting the knee with heart, the path of peace or the sword.

The more we see difference the more we upset the balance, we hold ourselves in the same position, we delay the change to positive.  If the symbol lost a limb it would not give the understanding and knowledge.  This is real Freemasonry, the power to transmute, to change negative to positive by the power of the heart, love, this is what Dr. Martin Luther King taught us, although we did not know it.

Become Heavy Water

I will finish where we started, a King upholds the law of good and is to teach us the right way and guide us with their wisdom, we can take the path of peace or the sword.  There were those who said the Dr. King’s way did not work and offered the sword.

I disagree, it did work, it has and continues to do so, how many people has he inspired with his words for all nations.  We still have a long way to go but we are on the right path if we continue to listen to his guidance.  Dr. King was a Freemason, yoga teacher and a Raja, far wiser than many of us because of the word he spoke sets us all free, we just need to be patient and remind each other.

We all carry the light, we all have a King within, and where does the King speak from,

the HEART.

For those who wish to learn a different way we suggest reading the warrior pose series to give a different take on Dr. King: 

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