Christmas 2023

27 December, 2023

Christmas 2023

 Christmas 2023 Ask Maureen


Hello Dear Readers.


An article inspired whilst at prayer this very day. Shalom!


Have you ever wondered why we enjoy Christmas movies so much at this time of the year. You many have watched them over and over again as the years have gone by.

For example, “ Miracle on 34th Street, “A wonderful life,” “The Bishop’s wife”,

“White Christmas and Scrooge. “And so on. Could this also be why we enjoy going to see a pantomime each Christmastime too.

Could it be the nostalgia it brings to us as we cast our minds back to memories of our younger selves, and when we were wide eyed children, full of hope, and belief in Santa,. Elves and fairies.

A magical kingdom where the hero slays the dragon and he rescues the princess.

Where the villain is dealt with and gets his just deserts, and the hero is rewarded with his prize goal.

Also, with those memories come a deep glow from within of goodwill and sentimentality.

Whatever the reason we enjoy watching them is that it brings something extra in perhaps, our hum-drum life, and busy existence.

Yet, once a year, something extraordinary happens. To excite and thrill us and fill us with joy.. Something that galvanizes us into action. Housewives clean and tidy the home with extra diligence, In preparation for the Christmas Season. Food shopping is increased relatives and friends are sent greeting cards, and parties of the season of goodwill are given. A Christmas tree purchased and decorated. Gifts are bought and wrapped

And all because of this extraordinary happening called Christmas. Heralding the birth of an innocent infant, a child born not into luxury and wealth. But who humbled himself to be born in a manger, in a stable, outside the city with the beasts of the field.

The wise men who had studied the sky and stars knew a great event was to take place with the appearance of a new bright star, a star to guide them to where this child lay. Imagine their anticipation of meeting a great king. They expected him to be born in a palace surrounded by wealth and attendants. Instead the star led them and stopped above a stable and unto the mother Mary who had laid her baby in a manger, as there was no crib for his bed. The wise men came bearing gifts, of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Shepherds too were informed by the Angel Gabriel, and we know that Angels are messengers. Of Glad tidings and great joy as the good news of a King, a son of God, was his gift to humanity. Shepherds who guarded the sheep were deemed as lowly ones, with no great status in life, yet to these poor shepherds an angel of the lord appeared with his stunning message. That must have filled their hearts with joy and warmth on this cold, cold, night of winter long ago.


And so dear friends we can easily forget the true meaning of Christ’s birth as we lose ourselves in the frantic preparations for Christmas day.

When, for most, it may mean a rest from our work, and labours, a day to feast drink and be merry.

Let’s not lose the true meaning of the message of Christmas, let’s put away a few minutes of silent thanks giving to Almighty God for the greatest gift to humanity his son our Lord and Saviour Yeshua. Christ the saviour of the world. Some of us may have already started by attending Christmas carolling. Or attending our young ones Nativity plays. Or by donating food to a food bank. Donated monies to shelter the homeless, for those less off than ourselves.


As for the baby Jesus, his true gift was to give us life, in the spirit, by taking away our sins and transgressions.

Let us also be joyful, and thank those wonderful people, friends, relatives, loved ones, who bring joy into our own lives 365 days a year. We do this by giving and receiving small gifts of gratitude, in honour of our Lord and Redeemers birthday.

And remember Silver Birch, that great Sages message. “ That No one is over-looked, abandoned or forgotten, by Almighty God”.

And remember that a problem shared is a problem halved.

Until next time look after one another.

Happy Christmas.

Love Maureen x


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