Seeds of Doubt

27 December, 2023

Seeds of Doubt

Seeds of doubt- theenlightened mind.

When you want to grow some flowers, fruit, plants or vegetables you can go to a garden centre and choose from racks of different packets of seeds on display. Some seeds are very small, others can be quite big. When planted and looked after they grow in all different ways and shapes and sizes.


A good friend recently asked me if I could write an article on a different type of seeds, the seeds of doubt. I said I would, but no sooner had I said it and those seeds of doubt started growing in my own mind! They started growing very quickly! How am I going to write about that?


Seeds of doubt don’t look like other seeds, they don’t come in packets for a start. Seeds of doubt come in the shape of words. Words that others speak to us or that we tell ourselves with our thoughts. Words, like seeds, come in different sizes and can weigh quite heavy and it’s those type of words that are the seeds of doubt.


For some the seeds of doubt are planted when they are young and they grow up thinking that they are never good enough, or clever enough or handsome or beautiful enough. They have become conditioned to believe this version of themselves because it’s what they were told all the time by others and they came to accept it must be true.


These are the words that become the thoughts growing in the garden of the mind. They become the weeds that drown out all the positive thoughts and feelings.


Our words are powerful and maybe sometimes, like seeds, we may scatter them about without thinking. But if you’re planting a physical garden you usually plan where each plant will grow, what plants go together, which position is best for them to grow healthy and strong and productive.


In a physical garden if you water and feed the weeds they will overtake the plants you really want to grow. In the garden of the mind by listening to those seeds of doubt and giving them attention you are helping them to grow stronger.

The enlightened mind


So how do you deal with those seeds of doubt? Challenge them, don’t readily accept them.


Perhaps someone tells you you’ll never get that job you’ve applied for or you’ll fail that exam or the person you want to date will reject you. By listening to their words you may never take the chance to experience something positive.


If someone or something has planted a seed of doubt in your mind challenge it and think of the opposite outcome.


Every day is a chance to start again and not be conditioned by what has happened before.


Instead of sowing seeds of doubt in our own or others minds with our words and thoughts think about sowing positive seeds. One kind word or action can result in something strong and positive growing.





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