Christmas Article – Ask Maureen

5 December, 2021

Hello Dear Readers, and welcome to December.

I recently joined an art-class, something I have wanted to do for a while, but didn’t ever have the time.

As it so often happens synchronicity took place. A few weeks back whilst out doing my usual walk, my attention was drawn to a notice board with Art Class here every Tuesday. Great, thought I, I have nothing to lose, so made some enquiries. The teachers couldn’t have been more welcoming or helpful.

I signed up five weeks ago and can honestly say it is wonderfully therapeutic; as a busy therapist I have often used art, and crafts, in my work, and have been amazed at the standard that some of my patients were producing beautiful paintings, drawings, and craft work.

I wouldn’t describe myself as naturally arty or artistic, but I know what I like and appreciate. I have no exceptional skills, just a concept in my mind to the kind of art I would like to produce.



I love colour and we have so much variety here in the countryside, each season will bring its own unique colour scheme that is always so perfect, and who doesn’t marvel at the sight of a rainbow.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Trying to capture a scene or copy a print makes one really stop and study and look at the subject in front of you.

Details, light and shade my art-teacher tells me is everything and perspective.

And to my chagrin is not so easy to capture.

My rudimentary efforts to begin with made me laugh out loud.

I’m at the level of a junior but not to be put off I continue eager to learn more techniques, I go with the motto practice makes perfect.

I appreciate that as a novice, this may take time, but then what better way to spend my time than being creative.

Think about the joy the master’s must have felt on completion of the work, or their commissions. Leonardo and Michael Angelo are famous painters and sculptors.

Their talents are being appreciated to this day. The renaissance artists, the Old English Master Constable. Doesn’t it just want to make you visit an art gallery and study some of those paintings.

Once upon a time the “arts” were a passion of the rich and famous. Today we have our art-galleries where we can wander practically free of payment and enjoy what was once only privy to the rich and famous.

And so dear readers, this made me think of our Creator who held us all in his/her minds eye. Perfection is not in the eye of the beholder with our creator but through the joyful, spirit, that emanates from within us all.

Christmas tis almost upon us and as the Angel of the Lord announced to the Shepherds in the field that night unto us a child is born. And you will find him lying in a manger wrapped in swathing clothes.

Here is perfection here is joy the light of the world.

Have a peaceful, Christmas everyone.

Look after one another and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Maureen x

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