Warrior Pose Part 11

4 December, 2021

warrior pose part 11

Warrior Pose Part 11 , the Humble Warrior.

Understanding spirit releases us from physical problems


The Humble warrior pose holds great spiritual understanding and is a culmination of many lessons, but to see and understand much of this we need help.  We need help from the spirit within. When it comes to affairs of spirit, we can’t just make things up or blend things together so they sound good, something a lot of teachers do unfortunately, it has to come from spirit, it has to be given.

Yoga is a practice that can bring spiritual understanding and peace, but it is very much misused and misunderstood here in the West.  Each pose or sequence contains a spiritual impression, yet we can learn to see, discern and have certitude when it comes from the right source, the quiet teacher, the spirit that is within.

The reason we share this with you is that we all go through turbulent times in our life, we can make these easier upon ourselves by unity with our spirits.  Through Yoga/union things appear different, what we see is not how we see it, we see different, understandings, mathematical principles, spiritual law all which help us navigate our time on earth until such time as we are called home.

Just as our Yoga poses contain higher knowledge so do our physical bodies, for us, it is the spirit and to understand this higher knowledge we must begin to know and connect with our true being.  Regardless if you believe or not, our yoga practice has spiritual effects some positive, some not so positive when misused or misunderstood.

Some of us our burdened by outside problems, illness, forces or situations, life in the physical can be so hard but by developing our spiritual knowledge these physical problems lose their grip over us, we begin to realise and feel the light within.  Once the spirit is awake it will seek union, it shows us a whole new way of looking at things and releases us from so much pain.  The humble warrior is a pose that teaches us much of this, but it is also the test.  For those of us who walk a spiritual path there will be many lessons which culminate in a test or tests and the humble warrior is one so test.


Let’s look again at the Humble Warrior, let’s take a spiritual look.

When we look at a pose what do we see, do we see a person stretching or have you ever imagined each pose as a symbol? What if a sequence of symbols meant something like words on a page, what if each pose or symbol created an individual vibration or frequency? What if this frequency aligned the atoms of the body in a distinct way, what if this frequency gave guidance to your spirit or reminded it of something it already knows?  Food for thought.


Remember our Yoga practice is the first steps of our spirits returning to God


Like it or not, that’s what it is!

What if we did not need to open our letters and mail to know what was inside, what if we saw different to others.  Our yoga practice is no different to an envelope or package, a delivery system to keep safe the real message until we find the method to open it, that is unity with our spirits, because all that is given, is to help us, free us from pain and suffering, to give us a knowing and complete belief in our heavenly Father and Mother.  We will put it very simply when and if we feel the vibration of the Father and the Mother then nothing can trouble us, our thoughts our minds will be at peace, and the way to them is through the Tree pose and lessons it contains (this we will go to in detail when we venture up the mountain using the lessons St. Martin de Porres taught 400 years ago).


What do you see when you look at the Humble Warrior?

Taking into consideration what we have wrote over the last few months it’s time to start putting it together.  We are spirits in a physical body, we are all in different states of ignorance om this matter (no om is not a typo).  A pose can create a certain vibration, it can attract vibrations as our thoughts can attract and send vibrations.  There are many qualities to the warrior pose and all our opposite to pain and suffering.  These are just a few aspects to consider.


Just like the headstand

How many of us like the headstand, could cope with our worlds being turned upside down, so looking at the Humble Warrior, how many of us could descend into chaos with our arms tied behind our backs.  How do we deal with this, how do we cope, how do we defend ourselves?  Firstly, we need to understand what the pose is telling us.


Below Is Chaos, above is Peace

Those of us with a little understanding of chakras know that the opposite to emotions is peace so what is a lower is opposite to what is higher, therefore why would any of us purposely take ourselves from a place of peace into chaos which is demonstrated by the position.  The fact that the arms are behind and closed (tied) depicts that we cannot defend ourselves in the physical but while in the chaos we must use our mind.

Instructions, lessons, tests

Desires, emotions, anger, pain all opposite to Peace, we must overcome all of these to follow the path of the humble warrior, we use the mountain (knowledge), we use our will power, we use our heart, we do not communicate physically or by thought any of the base emotions, we use our mind to change the turmoil, we have laid down all our weapons to submerge into the chaos and influences surrounding the root chakra.  (see article the Yoga of Christmas   https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/the-yoga-of-christmas/ ).

We bring the knowledge of the mount with us, the feminine principle, we apply the mindset of the peaceful warrior, we are connected with our spirits so just as when we climb the mountain we are guided, so when disorder comes, we are never on our own when we weep, the mountain is law, below the base chakra is lawless, we look within, we to look to our spirits and the knowledge they give to overcome any challenges in this physical world.


We must learn to create Peace, for what we think we create,

We must radiate Peace wherever we find ourselves.

As above so Below.

Shal’ OM


We wish you unity with your spirits.



If you wish to know more about the topics we write about then speak with Lisa or join her for a class at Absolute yoga.  Our next Day of Healing is on the 24th of June at Crosby Library. 10-2pm.  If you have questions or need help with something then come along.  There is no charge for any help given on the day.

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