The Yoga of Christmas

17 December, 2020

The Yoga of Christmas

The Yoga of Christmas

There are many who believe that Christmas trees have no place in the celebration of Christ’s birthday.  There are also those who believe Yoga and Christ are not connected, this is far from the truth so keeping with the Christmas spirit we will share something for us all to look at differently but also to bring the Yoga and Christ understanding into our hearts.

At Life Balance we always have a spiritual take, so today we will share something for us to think about, but once we know, will see things in a new light. There are many layers of spiritual understanding and when one is uncovered, we see connections which give deeper insight which can lead to spiritual growth and peace.

Apparently, the Christmas tree is a Pagan tradition but what if we just did not know the connection, or it is just an outer or lower teaching of the same source?  What if we knew otherwise, what if they had a deeper knowledge, what if we understood the path of Raja Yoga or shared the same information but knew it by another name?

Here within these pages we always talk about the colour Gold, so from this day forward when you see Gold you will understand it by another meaning.  We may even look at Christmas pantomimes differently (Jack and the bean stalk) will be a good place to start!

The Yoga of Christmas

Gold is the colour of the word, the colour of the Sun or “The Son” the Krishna Vibration or the Christ vibration, or as we know it here in the west, the force of creation in every single living thing and can connect to it when undertaking “Tree poses”.  Why would a Christmas tree be any different, the tree contains spiritual law, it contains the pattern of creation.

When we think of the Christmas tree – Krishna tree – Christ – we are bringing this energy into our homes, many of us know this as the “Golden Ratio” revered throughout history, the pattern of life.  This being said we are all part of this law, a branch on the tree and like the cut Christmas tree in our homes, the physical will fall away but the spirit, the golden ratio is still in operation, the law remains.


Now let’s connect Yoga to the Christmas tree.    Why do we hang lights on the tree,  has anyone thought of the chakras ? Why do we place a star at the top of the tree, some may know the star as the Merkabah or Samadhi the word of Peace, others the symbol is “The Star of David” or the throne of God, Supreme Peace.  There are never any coincidences only patterns.



The Yoga of Christmas

When we next look on a Christmas tree, we are seeing Yoga, spirit and physical following the same law in harmony, as beautiful on the inside as the outside.  We may see the presents at the bottom and think this is the best bit, this is  physical or material but when we apply a spiritual understanding, the real gifts are at the top where the star resides,  Samadhi the place of Peace, we have left the physical below, we have to leave the material behind, if we wish to climb we must understand the lessons of the chakras before taking our seat at the crown.  This is our birth rite and each and every one of us are a flower on that branch of the same tree, all a part of that Golden ratio.

Now let’s go back to our inner, outer and spiritual teachings.  When we peel back the wrapping paper, what if our presents at the bottom of the tree left a clue within, “Our real present is at the top of the tree, follow the light- Sun-Son, the Golden Ratio.

We are given many clues to find Yoga, our physical practice being the wrapping paper a way to uncover the key-note-vibration we all carry within. Look again at the Nativity, shepherds following the star of Bethlehem, Christmas carols such as, “Once in Royal David’s City” which started as a poem, “Christ is our king”, listen to the words or the story of Scrooge.

We all carry the light within, the Christ vibration – Golden Ratio –Frequency- that guides us to Samadhi, our place at the crown, a crown worn by a Raja. “Seek ye fist the Kingdom of God” A Hymn explaining the path that a Raja must undertake.

We wish you all “The Samadhi of Christ” or in other words, “The Peace of Christ”, the Golden light that this brings.

Have a lovely Christmas and Peace be upon you and your families.



We wish you unity with your spirits

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