Warrior Pose part 12

1 January, 2022

warrior pose part 12

Warrior Pose part 12, we must learn to Repose, to Rethink

To help us understand our Yoga we need to interpret the world around us in a different way

Time to learn a little French and Latin


If we live within the safety of a monastery, a walled castle or a peaceful ashram then it can be easy to practice the warrior pose, but how does it work in our physical life, our work life, our family life or when there are times of stress and high emotions.

Similar to our physical practice we must learn to repose.

English-Rest    French-Repose

As we have explained before when words are translated, they can change the outcome or understanding of a lesson or change the meaning.  If you were to go through our posts, you will find many words that once changed will give a different understanding of the sentence or lesson.   Some of you will find them, some we will share.

How many of us during a class have told the students to send the breath, use the breath, control the breath? How many of us have been told to control our breathing, most of us I would imagine?

In a spiritual context what does the word breath mean, we need to check our roots!

English -Breath    Latin-Spiritos

or for us on a Yoga journey


Much of our English language comes from French, as French is a descendant of Latin, so the language we use is important, sometimes we need to check where the word evolved from.  We may use words or give an instruction that is not fully understood or confuses, so the next time we are told to you use the breath, we are being told to use the spirit. Use the spirit to control pain, use the spirit to strengthen our pose, to strengthen our will power.

How does the spirit/ breath interact with the heart centre, lots to think about there?  How does our thoughts and heart work together, do they magnetise our blood with love, peace, our blood carries oxygen/ breath or spirit?  Does the magnetism of the guru effect our spirit, do we use the breath to raise our vibrations, do we use the breath to work through pain/ do we use our spirit to help us through painful times???????


Physical Yoga Practice – How does a pose affect the breath; how does the breath affect the pose?

Spiritual question – How does a pose effect the spirit, how does the spirit effect the pose?

Now if you have been reading our earlier posts, then you know some of the other meanings of the word Pose .


The reason why we put this to you, is for consideration to open the eyes to the spirit that is within and when we use the breath correctly, with the mind and heart, then we can create change, we can create Peace for ourselves.  However, with this being said we see many teaching dangerous practices without any knowledge of the instability these create to others.

The teacher is simply unaware, Ignorance is bliss until something bad happens.

Many of these practices are taught online where there are no consequences, ramifications, or comebacks once a person has caused themselves or their family pain. Or so we may believe.  There are always spiritual consequences.  For any who practice Yoga we must be aware of the dangers, we must be able to make an informed choice if we believe it or not.  It is never acceptable for a student to leave a practice crying their eyes out or after vomiting into a bucket.

Just like our Root Languages (where our words come from) if we look a little deeper, things are exposed, make sense to us a little more and we have the Ah-Ha moment, then surely, it’s better to strengthen our roots, improve our grounding to connect to our Yoga practice.


Strengthen our roots through Light

Strengthen our grounding through Knowledge.


It is important that we know all the dangers, it is important that we know when to repose, to rest or importantly, to stop.  We wait for the teacher to help us and correct our position.  Our own spirits try all the time to teach us but many of us do not hear.  We always advocate that when we practice Yoga in a class we leave it as a stretching class.  If the teacher is not aware of what takes place then what hope is there for the student.

A little bit of gardening will help the Yoga practitioner.

A healthy and happy Root reflects in the flower

Much of our lessons are hidden behind a veil and those who have some knowledge will see.  Those who attend our talks and classes will be taught Yoga in a different way, a personal way.  We will teach how to connect to the spirit within, the light that we all carry regardless of skin, sex or religion.  All of us who practice Yoga have a different envelope and we all look at this differently, but one thing that we all have unity on is, that what is within, is the same.  We ask you this question can a flower grow if the roots are weak and the soil is rotten.

If we want Peace

When we begin to write after the new year, we will be writing in a different way, we will reteach the lessons of 2021.  We will give all some thoughts to challenge, discriminate, and by that we mean see the difference in postures and effects, skills to confront unruly thoughts.  To discriminate between our own thoughts and others and to raise our own vibrations.  We will teach the dangers of group meditation, breathwork, Ayahuasca, Angel Reiki and more to recognise the invisible influence of those who lower our vibrations and bring out the worst in ourselves and steal our wealth.

Strong roots are needed

In this world of chaos, we must learn to create Peace for ourselves, there are many things we do that have an adverse effect on our Yoga – Union – Peace, the poses are only the beginning, we must go back to the Roots.  We all have the ability to create Peace – Yoga – Unity, we only need to be shown how.

Foundations, grounding, instruct, introduce, teach, dock, prevent,

All these words tell us the same thing,

Work on the roots and the rest will follow.

Strengthen what is below to connect to what is above.


be careful where you ground yourself,

As you may find,

 your root is contaminated.

If you want to learn more about this topic you can read our article “miracle grow yoga” or get in touch or come and see us on our next

“Day of Healing”





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