Reiki Rach – January Birth stone- Garnet

8 January, 2022

I’d like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. I hope you had a wonderful festive season!
This year I have decided to write about birthstones and the healing properties each one holds.
If you are born in January your birthstone is GARNET. This is a beautiful stone commonly found in India, Russia and the USA. This beautiful crystal can be found in an array of colours including red, green, black, brown, pink and yellow. However the garnet colour most widely associated with the month of January is red so for this article I will be focusing on red garnet.
Red crystals have a connection to our base chakra which is all about survival, stability and moving forward in life. It is also called the root chakra as it is the root of our energetic body and enables us to be rooted or grounded to the earth.
If you imagine a tree, it needs to have strong roots to survive and we are just the same. Our root chakra needs to be stable for us to flourish. This is where garnet can help you. This beautiful healing gem works wonders when balancing your root.
The red garnet will bring you courage and strength when you need it most. It will aid in enhancing your survival instinct giving you the power needed to move forward in your endeavours. As well as helping us with out spiritual health it can also be used as a tool to aid with our physical and mental health.
If you have problems with your blood such as anemia, low blood pressure or  simply wish to detoxify your blood you may use red garnet as a gentle healing aid. It can also be used to promote bone, heart and lung health.
If you feel the need for emotional balance this crystal can also help you as it can promote feelings of calm. It can aid with emotional disruption and bring peace in chaotic situations.  If you are looking to grow spiritually through your meditation practice this is a beautiful crystal to incorporate into your meditation as it will bring peace and stillness allowing you to feel more connected.
My hope for you this January is that 2022 is a happy and healthy one.
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach

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