Ask Maureen – Numerology 2022

8 January, 2022


Ask Maureen – Numerology 2022

Hello Dear Readers, and welcome to 2022.  The team and I wish you a very happy and peaceful New Year. 

This month I want to share with you the Numerology for 2022. I trust that you will find it informative and interesting.   

Numbers, meaning unit of the mathematical system. 

Pythagorean Numerology used numbers 1-9 to represent certain letters of the alphabet.  For example, No1: AJS, No2: BKT and so forth. 

During the Second WW. Numbers were used to code secret messages. And to pass on vital information to our allies. 

Code breakers worked for the secret service in Bletchley, Kent.  

 Alan Turing led a team that built the; Enigma machine; this code breaker enabled the team to locate enemy submarines that were lying in wait to torpedo unsuspecting merchant, and navy vessels, thereby saving millions of lives, and helping to bring the terrible war to an earlier end. Alans’s work has been honoured by appearing on one of our currency notes. He is famous for Cryptanalysis of the Enigma, ‘Turing’s machine’, was fondly named by him as Christopher. 

A dear friend sent me this year’s Numerology for 2022: 

I hope you enjoy the content: Please keep an open mind. 


If we learn to unlock our inner power, we will be amazed at how simple life can become. To walk away from darkness, we must see the light in everything.  The lighter you are the easier it is to see, and it all becomes part of you and determines everything we do. 

Negative thinking and beliefs should be avoided whenever possible.  It is impossible for anything to happen by coincidence so make sure you always remain positive. 


Ask Maureen – Numerology 2022

According to numerology the 2022 includes three vibrations of number 2 in magnifying their energies as well as influences from number 0 in magnifying all their influences.  Number 2 vibrate duality, balance and adaptability, faith and trust, cooperation, and diplomacy. The number also represents love, family, and partnerships. 

When you see the number 0 its energies are amplified making every number and letter more powerful and influential.  A number 0 corresponds to spiritual openness and growth, it represents potential and or choice, eternity and infinity oneness and wholeness continuing cycles and flow and the beginning of a journey.  Manifesting miracles achieving balance and new opportunities are highlighted by the number 2022. 

As well as encouraging you to contemplate your spiritual path and soul goal the Year 2022 also provides meditation instruction.  Be attentive too your inner knowing and trust that it will lead you to the right decision. Clairsentience. (Also, little reminder detox, drink plenty of water, and your mediations will be clearer and more powerful.) 

The bible The Old Testament: Proverbs 12 vs14 tells us that the one who  meditates on wisdom will attain all that is good; each one is rewarded according to the works of their hands.  https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Proverbs%201&version=NIV


Meditation brings us closer to God our Heavenly Father and Devine Mother. 

It raises our vibrations and help us to ascend.  Spirit are we, and we need to remind ourselves daily.

To access supernatural wisdom, you must maintain an active spiritual life. 

If you see 2022 throughout the world, you will be reminded not to set arbitrary limits on yourself and instead focus on bigger goals.  Avoid routines that consume your energy and time.  As well as learning from proactive and focused people, you should surround yourself with like-minded people. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read this article. 

Remember a problem shared is a problem halved until next time love and light to you all-dear readers. 

Maureen x 

If you wish to know more about this topic then come and speak with us on our next Day of Healing at Crosby Library.



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