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Maureen Koyne

20 January, 2022

Maureen Koyne

Hello Dear Readers. 


I have long held the belief that our thoughts create our experiences.  How do I know this?  My 27 years as an Occupational Therapist working in the field of Mental Health.  Through my work I have helped countless patients, both in the NHS and in the private sector, to cope and come through some very difficult and personal crises. 

The tools I use are many.  I believe in an eclectic approach. 

 Early on I realised that everyone is an individual with unique needs.  Yes, they may be going through Grief because of bereavement, illness, unemployment, depression, panic attacks or anxiety.  Post-natal depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, substance misuse.  The list goes on.  Very common ailments and life events.  But all require a different approach.  Only, experience can teach us that. 

In my February article I talked about a listening ear, and offering the person a kind word, and then directing them onto a professional who has been trained to help in the most efficacious way. 

My training, as a counsellor, has helped me to navigate clients, through a difficult journey, and for them to come through to the light at the end of their tunnel. 

Solution Focused therapy has enabled me to help clients put into perspective problems, that they may have been wrestling with for some years. 

Hypnotherapy has helped me to support Clients by accessing their sub-conscious mind, by identifying where the problem originated and therefore removing, or reframing, negative experiences. All while the client is fully conscious of their experience, yet as they all report deeply, deeply, relaxed. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Has assisted me to show how our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, drive our behaviour, and keep a problem going.  Once a client has been shown how to identify negative recurring thoughts, and the consequences, they learn how to change them.  Thereby improving their mental and physical well-being. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques: I use as an adjunct to my therapies.  This sequence of tapping on the meridian lines on the body, help to shift emotions that are stuck.  And so, give freedom from the emotional pain.  I use it to help people kick the habit of cigarette smoking, drug, and alcohol addiction. 

All the while remembering there is an underlying cause that created the addiction in the first place.  

Hypnobirthing: Is a wonderful course for parents of new and not so newcomers, to the cherished role of Mother and Fatherhood.  It is a fully comprehensive ante-natal course that supports parents to have the ideal birth for their baby and themselves.  I use several techniques, including hypnosis, teaching techniques, and hands on demonstrations, I am pleased and proud to say I was trained by the Kathryn Graves team at KGHypnobirthing: 

Post-natal therapy:  Your birth stories matter. 

 A traumatic or difficult birth initially, is often too painful for women to talk about. 

A common story is that they have felt a failure.  They blame themselves. For whatever has happened. Feelings of guilt is common, as is bonding with their child.  This is a listening service, that supports women to talk in a safe and loving environment to re-visit their experience, so that events can be examined and re-assessed. Talking about your birth story is so cathartic.  It is a healing process that cannot be hurried. We take it at your own pace. Women get the opportunity to be heard, really heard, and get their feelings validated.   

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read this. 

Maureen x 

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