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18 July, 2022

miracle grow yoga

Miracle Grow Yoga-LifeBalance

If we always think in a yoga context it can be hard to see the lesson.  It can also be hard to relate to the lesson if that lesson is from another culture or epoch.  It is always easier to contrast something to the student that they can comprehend and understand, they can relate to.  When we are given an understanding from the teacher within, our spirits, it generally makes a lot of sense and we have the ” I get it”, moment.

We will continue with our “gardening lessons”, we ask our readers to think about yoga as a state of being rather than a physical pose.  If you have read our post on chess and yoga, then we will give you another clue.  Not all pieces are on the board!

We have our flowers but they are not blooming, so we may add miracle grow, but whose benefit is this for.  Is it for the flower or for the benefit of the observer.  We want our flower to look nice, is this the natural state of the flower or have we added chemicals to force bloom?  Have we damaged the plant or the soil?

Do we want the flower to bloom for our own benefit?

Did we actually think ” that flower needs feeding, something is not right, and we want it to be healthy?”.  We need to be honest with ourselves here.

Does the flower have all what it needs for its own good growth?

We love a pretty garden and we love our flowers, bees, insects, birds and creatures, that flowers attract.  This being said, what I do see in our own garden is when a flower is not flourishing, sick or unwell.  I see these flowers and plants being tended, cared for and put in new positions to help them grow, to alleviate their symptoms by addressing the cause.

A pretty garden does not mean it is a happy garden.

The gardener, AKA- Lisa in this case, places the flowers and plants in positions according to their own needs.  A diagnosis of blockage ( remember we do not talk about chakras, lol) will not suffice, we need to understand the root cause, or external influence, impacting on growth or development.

Is there a root cause or is there a parasite? Is something draining or taking your energy?

Sometimes a flower grows well when placed next to another flower, some flowers protect, some drain, sometimes the soil needed for the first flower is not suitable for the 2nd.  The positions of the flowers in the garden can make all the difference.  What if a plant is contaminated, how does that effect the flowers around it.  Do you remove it and throw it away or do we see what the problem is and try and fix it, do we put it into its own pot of the correct size and help it back to strength.

Do we know how disease and parasites spread in our gardens?

Do we know how wind and rain spread disease?

Do we know how long energy is stored in our roots even if our flower is cut down?

All of these things effect our flowers, what if we do not know what is underneath, unseenin our garden and we plant our flowers, how will this affect their growth ?

We must also understand that all not flowers like the light.

When using yoga as a spiritual path or picking and choosing bits to teach, without the understandings, we incur danger or problems.  Sometimes we can see there is a problem but a lot of the time we do not see, we just know we don’t feel as we should and do not know why!

Sometimes as yoga teachers, we need to be gardeners but sometimes to help our flowers we need to become camera men and women.

When we know the effects to look for and when we are taught about them, we can quickly identify and correct, we can also help our flowers progress and thrive.

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