Chess and Yoga

17 July, 2022

chess and yoga

Here in the West we can learn more about Yoga from looking at the world around us- if we know how.  Everything is connected and sometimes to understand a concept we need to compare and contrast.  Yoga has many benefits but can also cause us mental pain, anguish and make problems that we are dealing with harder.  To help us let us look at Chess and Yoga.

Why is that ?

Yoga is a spiritual practice, influencing invisible energies and giving instruction to our spirits, but here in the West it is mainly physical fitness and health.  Unfortunately many of the rules, understanding and teachings are not taught, mental effects are not considered and what is counter productive is neither here nor there.

If we understood Yoga in a different way,  then we could harness (yoke, union, connect)  more of the protections and bring the rewards into our time when not on the mat.

Today we will add a little something to think about and we will let our readers try and work out the links.  If we look at the chess board, the pieces and apply it to ourselves and our practice then we will see that not all is what it seems.  The chess connection ties in with our posts about the Iris or the ( I ).  What our intentions are, is to aid our readers in finding the spiritual truths which will open the door to their own practices.  When we begin to find spiritual truth the physical world becomes so much easier to live in, to deal with, to cope with, fear diminishes.

Matthew 11.28.30 comes to mind.

Some problems and challenges that we have, our own problems, troubles we have created for ourselves can be let go by understanding, Yoga (Union, Yoking) the chess board, the Iris, by looking at ourselves, our gardens, our environments.

Yoga is there to free us of pain, the mind, the heart, the soul,

Does our practice do this ?

Seek your Piece

Seek the Peace

We wish you all unity with your spirits.


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