More Lessons from the Iris

21 July, 2022

more lessons from the iris

More Lessons from the Iris

We have written previously on the importance of the Iris in our yoga practice.  Moving forward we will now talk about the unseen effects and why they happen but also to share some spiritual mechanics, not only to take more from your practice but to begin to understand the path of yoga.

Much of the vibrational benefits of yoga are lost unfortunately in our studios and practices in the West, the Western mindset, culture, beliefs, outlooks and what we eat and drink effects our practice.

What we think, about ourselves and others effects our practice.

Our words create magnetism!

We are negating most of the benefits without even knowing.


When we learn from a position outside of what we know, feel, and think or when others give us things to consider, it can open our eyes (Iris). A new perspective or Reality? There is a huge understanding here from the Bhagavad Gita from Krishna to Arjuna.  When we think in our mind, our own material world, what we have learnt, what we create to survive, it may not give us the answers to help us.  These answers can be found from within, the eternal compass, the flame.  The Sunflower or Son Flower, the fine flour of the heart. (No, flour is not a typo).

There is no coincidence why Lisa uses the Sunflower picture 


We need to open the heart but like our flowers, we can’t force it to open,

We need to give it what it needs to open, to teach, to breath,

Send the breath to where it is needed!


To find what we seek we have to learn to think less materially, and more spiritually.  When we change our position/ pose from physical to non-physical then we can begin to deconstruct the world we have created for our personal survival (ego).  When living with trauma and suffering, hurt and pain, competition, fear, for all these things to lose the power to shape what we see, how we feel about things and how we react, we need a new Pose or Posy*, we need a new flour!  What is important and what is not important then changes, and in these changes comes freedom, peace.

What message does your Posy carry?


There are many understandings that we will share.  It is important that we can all relate to and understand.  In this way the vibrations of the lesson connect to vibrations of the person and reduce misinterpretation.  Some of these lessons will bridge the understandings from the East and take us to a position of the Mind.

How Yoga works in the East is different from the effects in the West.


Moving forward when we share our lessons, we will give our readers some different perspectives to consider.  A different perspective creates a different reality.  When we look from an outside position or from an inward influence the picture will change, the pose will change, it will become clear/ translucent (we will look through the pose).  To get us all going, think about the Iris, the Eye, the (I) this may not make a lot of sense YET, but it will.

The Eye to see, the (I) to feel and Iris to connect.

A pose is not what we think it is, but as a pose connects us to the earth and the heavens but also our true self (Not the one we have created in our own minds or the one we show others) there are many ways to uncover more information, more knowledge, more wisdom, we just have to look through the right lens.

When is a blockage not a blockage- when it’s an aperture!

(We don’t talk about chakras).

If we wish to use yoga in a better way as it was intended, then we need to become gardeners, and as gardeners we need to understand our flours, and to understand flowers we need to become bakers.


When we look for connections we will see connections, yoga is no longer an hour on the mat!

When we look from different perspectives, we get a better picture, a more complete picture,

the dimensions change, the realities change

We get a better Pose.

It is time to consider the diaphragm


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 *In Victorian times a posy was given to convey or receives messages.  Posy’s are made up of different flowers dependant on the message.

If you wish to understand these lessons on a deeper level or wish to learn how to connect the teachings to apply to your yoga practice then drop us a line with your questions, join Lisa for a class or come and speak with us on our next Day of Healing.

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