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23 July, 2022

We would like to thank our readers for their feedback. As you all well know, what we write is very different to what any have been told in the past.  We do not recycle any information from the net but teach from the perspective of the spirit within.

Many of these concepts may seem strange but once we teach you how to connect the writing and the understanding will become clear and apparent to all instead of understanding bits.

However, there is a mechanics in “bits”, as this allows not to be overloaded but to also think about what we are writing.  Yoga makes us feel better but why?  What is happening to our bodies, our spirits, our self.

The key in reading our articles is to go back and reread the previous lessons and see how much more you can understand from the latest articles.  We suggest everyone goes back and reads “Energies, emotions and yoga”, parts 1 to 4 which we wrote in 2017.  Part 3 will be very interesting for some.  We have been saying the same things for a long time!

Every time we share a new lesson you will be able to uncover more from previous lessons, then when we put the lesson into practice, we will feel changes.  Some lessons and higher lessons we have to teach in person. Many aspects of yoga can only be taught person to person.  Consider our teaching as preparation.   We know this may not suit all but for those who want to develop, who want to understand yoga in a new way, to understand why things do not work and why so many benefits can never be accessed, then keep reading.

Any questions that you have, please send in and we will answer and share.

We look forward to hearing from you LB

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