Energies, Emotions and Yoga

2 October, 2017

energies, emotions and yoga

Energies, Emotions and Yoga

Good morning all,

We hope you have had a good weekend.  We are going to continue our posts to make all aware of some of the emotions that go on during a Yoga practice.  These posts will be thought provoking to say the least ! We know that Yoga can actually increase emotions instead of releasing them.. Why is that.  Why are some teachers happy to let students go home crying ?????  We need to understand Energies, Emotions and Yoga.

Have you ever felt angry after a practice ????What we all practice is a westernised yoga, very different from what goes on in the East.  What if the messages and philosophies have been changed to suit a western market. What if release is actually stimulating. Then what ????   Is our  understanding of Yoga correct ??? Are we interested in philosophies or just go for a good old stretch. How does emotional pain fit into the bigger picture of yoga………

Everyone loves to say Namaste- The spirit in me greets the spirit in you.  Do you believe that or not ?

Energies, Emotions and Yoga

Are we all aware of the emotions of the person on the Mat next to us or our teachers, are we all aware we can pick up on these thoughts and emotions and how these energies can influence our own emotions and thoughts. When we are not in the right frame of mind we can send this out to others.  Have you ever had a thought pop your mind- and think why did I ever think of that ????

Can a teacher actually protect the class, if so, how and do you believe it ?????? What are the energies like in the place that you practice ? How do you feel emotionally and what is triggering those feelings ? Are we really aware of our own space, our own being ?  What does this mean.  Yoga is not just one limb. To understand why we have a lot of these emotions we need to understand the other limbs.

Ask your teachers about the other limbs of yoga, read books, ask questions and feel if the answers are correct.  Once we understand and practice these we can understand why there can be negative effects to the students but most important of all how to prevent them.

To all those great yoga teachers  who’s work goes unnoticed -we say thank you.


Where there is Light there can be no dark.

If you like our posts then share them and if you don’t like them still share them.  Remember always ask questions.

If you wish to know more come and speak with us on our next “Day of Healing” at Crosby library.

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