Fallen Tree – Grief

29 October, 2023

Fallen tree - Grief

Fallen Tree – Grief

Those who read our articles regularly will know that the team have written on many occasions about death and grief.  Today’s article will be written from a yoga context.  We will share a yoga concept to help those who are suffering. As we write from the perspective of “the spirit within” we would like to share some spiritual knowledge which leads to yogic wisdom- or wisdom from union.

Connection to the spirit within

One of the reasons why we started our healing days is because many cannot afford help, or the price of help is out of range for many.  When people are grieving, we can be taken advantage of, our minds may not be right, we can just about get up in some case.  There are those who know this and use it to their financial advantage.

We would like our readers to consider “Fallen tree pose”.  When overcoming and dealing with grief we would like our readers to use its other name.

Forlorn Tree Pose

Every single yoga pose has an accompanying understanding and vibration.  In a yoga class we use a vibration via a picture or pose.  We practice this pose to Super Impose over the physical body.  The goal is to raise one’s vibration through practice and leave old and lower vibrations. Easier said that done as many who teach and practice do not understand the rules.  We refer to them as Spiritual laws.

We are forever harping on about safety, there is good reason.  Many yoga poses can make things worse.  Some poses interfere with the unseen which governs chemical release in the body at a minimum.  However, this being said we will share the understanding of the Forlorn tree pose.

Please take a good look at the picture.  For many they may only see a “Fallen tree”.  For those with spiritual knowledge and understanding and those with clairvoyant abilities will see differently.

“They will see the tree energy still there, standing strong, in the most wonderful of colours, colours that physical eyes cannot see, true beauty.”

The tree only appears to be dead.  The shell has fallen away but the spirit is still there.  Trees and plants have elemental energy and part of the elemental/ plant kingdoms.  If you wish to know more about elementals, then read the “tomorrows garden series” by Lisa.  The garden holds many understanding to unlock yogic knowledge.

We are all Spirit.

Our physical body is comprised of different energy systems one of those being elemental energy (yes, the same as plants and flowers).  This is why plants, flowers, herbs, natural food are so good at healing the body.  Their vibrations are the same as ours!

Just like when we are grieving, those that we love, disappear.  They are truly not gone, they have only shed their outer forms, the physical, emotional, elemental and ego which make up the physical body.  Elemental and emotional energy work hand in hand.

Just like our tree, they are preserved for eternity, the spirit within still perfect, beautiful.

Alive, living, thriving – Spirit.

Take another look at the picture.  The tree is now at rest, grounded in some respects, the energy of the tree connecting with mother earth.  At rest, not dead, not a corpse, see the connections with SAVASANA. Does our yoga practice start and finish with savasana? Rest, Repose, Refreshment, Restoration, far from death. Does life on earth begin and finish with savasana? We would suggest it does, Peace, Rest, Renewal – from Spirit to Spirit.  Are we beginning to understand our yoga practice differently yet?

What about the physical pose?

Every pose has an understanding, every understanding has a pose.  What we all must understand is that we can attract qualities and vibrations from yoga.  Sometimes these interfere with the paths of our souls, our spiritual development.  When we learn or are taught from spirit, we bypass any physical interference.  Untruths or misinformed teachings, the interference from mixed philosophies.

We are manipulating energies.

We must always take care of our students that are grieving or emotionally overwhelmed. We must be careful which poses we put them in, as it is not only the physical body that becomes affected.  We must learn the poses that reduce emotional energy, stay away from poses that increase energy.  We must implant the thoughts that do not stimulate emotional response.

Time to understand the Forlorn Tree.

An important thing to understand is that even if we can’t do the pose we can use the thought of the pose to ground, reduce and counter forlorn thoughts.  https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/forlorn

Even if we cannot see, cannot feel, we are always connected to love.

We use the forlorn tree pose when we are drowning in emotion, sadness, loneliness, sorrow.  The pose calms the emotional body and drains emotional energy from the body.  It helps us to calm the mind and know we are always connected, at rest before restoration. (Does this give a different take on restorative yoga?).  We have shared this pose with many.  It has helped many.  We did not create it, nor make it, we do not own it.  We were just lucky enough to be reminded of it. It has been given to help, not to be abused.

The pose is simple, while at rest laying on our backs we simply bring the right leg up and over the left knee.  The ankle past the knee. The legs will look like a figure 4. The pose does not need to be perfect. Our hands by our side palms down. We take the understanding of the Forlorn Tree. We now let our Heavenly Mother do her thing. She knows are intentions.  She can read our hearts, she knows if she is needed or not.


Blessed are those who are forlorn for they shall be comforted.

We wish you all unity with your spirits.


If you wish to learn more about these topics, then please get in touch.  If you are battling grief come along and chat, if you are struggling with emotion then speak with us. Join us on our next “Day of Healing” on Saturday the 6th  January at Crosby Library 10am-2pm. You can also join us on our “self-healing” group which starts on Saturday the 13th of January at Crosby Library 10.15-11.15. Don’t forget there is always a piece of cake, cuppa and a friendly ear.

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If you wish to know about the Forlorn tree come and speak with Lisa.



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