Don’t open the message

19 October, 2023

Don't open the message

Cyber-spiritual attack 2

Don’t open the Message. There are many people who do not believe or dismiss the spirit world. As they cannot see, feel or DETECT it, it is dismissed.  However, many of us have symptoms or problems made worse by what we cannot see.

We can open up many questions from the above statement, this is good!  In some respects, discussing cyber security is a good way to inform ourselves of elements of the unseen.

Just as we need good cyber security, we should have good spiritual security.  Over the last few years, we have written much on “spiritual practices to stay away from” but why?  It is very simple, we contrast to a cyber environment.  Many of these so-called spiritual practices open us up to viruses, and spiritual dangers.  No different to dodgy websites, unprotected servers and networks with poor security.  What happens if our pc’s, laptops or phones are infected or hacked?

Don’t open the attachment.

One thing that can happen if our cyber security is poor, it can affect the whole network.  If our server is compromised, it can affect all that use that host.  Websites, emails, all who use that service.  Those that have infected our systems can then manipulate what we see, hear, reactions and interactions.  They can also listen, collect information and use for a later date or just cause disruption for a material gain.

One of the easiest ways we get caught out is opening an email.  From a spiritual perspective we can just say, accepting a message (many will know what this means). For those that don’t, it is when someone give us a spiritual message, more so when not asked for. Just like our email, that click, or acceptance has created an acknowledgment.  The link is created. They can come and go at leisure now!

Who are “They”?

We can also receive emails that seem so convincing that we click on the attachment.  This is another option for the process to start.  We trust our antivirus will close it down, but if our protection has been disarmed from previous poor security, then trouble may be close.  The attacks may be continuous, constantly probing looking for weakness, human error, malpractice or our ignorance.

Unless we are spiritually informed then we can end up in a lot of trouble.  Not knowing how to fix it, not even aware that we have a problem or problems! We have been hacked!

Messages, Links and Attachments.

What can cause pain in cyber can cause the same pain spiritually.


Don’t open the Message.


So, what do we do?  Just like our emails and internet. We question, even if from a trusted source.  We learn the do’s and don’ts. We do not open or accept anything from an untrusted source.  We do not forward anything that we are not sure of.  Emails promising riches but also the ones that seem so believable. We look at the wording, is the email playing to our needs, wants, Desires or threatening us/emotions.  We have all had those messages saying we owe money to the tax man!

We learn to discern. We learn to authenticate.

When we don’t know enough, it’s easier to be fooled by fake emails, messages, links and attachments. For those of our readers who do not know the spiritual meaning of an attachment.  This is when we have a bad spirit sitting in our aura interfering with us. Yes, hacked and manipulated.  Someone or something else is trying to control our machine! Life is a lot harder.

Can’t see it, don’t believe it!

We must also consider that even if we are fully trained in cyber security, we can always make mistakes.  We can have that moment, through tiredness, illness, stress of life that these things can break in and meddle with us.  They are patient, highly intelligent and constantly waiting for our errors.  They can use others as part of their game plan!

We must also consider those who pass and give psychic messages.  Just like a spam box are they filtering, are they authenticating? Is the message a product of their own minds or are they being manipulated.  We must always be on our guard.  All of us can be caught out we just try to reduce the opportunity for this to happen.

Don’t open the Message.  Cyber-spiritual attack 2

Just as we can get bad emails and upsetting messages, this is no different from spiritual communications.  Just as we can visit dodgy websites, we can also be involved in dodgy and dangerous spiritual practices.  Our naivety, ego or pride can open doors to vulnerabilities.  Emails can be sent by imposters just as psychic messages can be given from spirit who wish to deceive.

Both sender and receiver must authenticate.

To close we would like our readers to consider why the internet now has parental controls.  We want to know who our children are talking to, what they are being shown, told.  How are they being influenced. If we are innocent, naïve or just do not have enough knowledge to understand the dangers, then what.

Grooming, radicalisation are a couple of situations that come to mind.  Just like the internet we need to learn how to navigate, keep ourselves safe and spot danger. We also need to know what to do if we have a problem.  We must also be careful where we go to get the problem fixed, we may just find they have made the problem worse.

We wish you unity with your spirits.

If you wish to learn more about these topics, then please get in touch.  Join us on our next “Day of Healing” on Saturday the 6th  January at Crosby Library 10am-2pm. You can also join us on our “self-healing” group which starts on Saturday the 13th of January at Crosby Library 10.15-11.15.

Cyber-attack – Spiritual attack

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