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The Inner Knowing

8 October, 2023

Inclusion - Sign with Alan
Sign with Alan – The Inner Knowing
If I was to be told I would be doing sign language 10 years ago, I would have probably laughed. I have no Deaf family members or known anyone who was Deaf, either in school or socially. The only sign language I was aware of was a person in the bottom right hand side of the television who appeared between 12am-6am on very few channels.
It was around 2018, I had a yearning to learn something new. I was thinking about different languages. I would describe this moment as a fleeting thought that came from within “what about sign language” I was intrigued! I started by going on YouTube; learning the alphabet, numbers and some key words. By now my soul yearned for more. Logically my mind was thinking ‘isn’t this daft, I have no Deaf family or friends, and it will take a long time. Perhaps I should look more into computer studies, after all I like technology and sign language is expensive’. However ‘an inner knowing’ this hidden hand was gently nudging me along.
Not long into starting to learn, one morning my partner Maureen told me of a strange dream she had (not knowing that I had been thinking of British Sign Language – BSL) She described seeing me conduct an orchestra but there was no sound coming from anyone. I was pointing and making gestures to them. I then shared that I was thinking of enrolling on a BSL level 1 course and her vision confirmed my inclinations towards BSL.
Over the years I progressed my way through most of the levels (I have now achieved BSL level 3) with much financial support from my Mum, and much emotional and mental support from Maureen and all friends, family and work colleagues. I must add that it’s not always been easy; learning a visual language proficiency takes a lot of time and energy, as it does for those people who are Deaf who communicate with the hearing world through lip reading. I do believe this type of learning is most beneficial to the spirit and our raising of consciousness on earth; it’s very worthwhile and I believe it can not have a price tag. That’s why the ‘hidden hand’ or ‘the inner knowing’ the God within will always quietly encourage in the most subtle ways.
I believe in divine timing and everything happens when it is meant to. Up to now I have studied BSL for 5 years and have been still working the same job as a FLT (fork lift truck) warehouse operative, though I have done a little volunteering at the Deaf centre to hydrate my sign language cravings. My working career is now about to change…
For a while now I have received many positive spirit communications relating to my interests in the deaf community and sign language; including those related to me being on the ‘vision box’ better known as television. This has already started to materialise with me doing a monthly article and video each month for Life Balance. Now, regarding my work; about two months ago when I restarted my volunteer work at the deaf centre, I was advised to apply to be a bank Support Worker, so I did. About 3 weeks passed and I had heard no news. On a Wednesday evening, I was meditating and I had a vision of my smart dress shoes; my feeling from this was of an interview. On the Friday I had a call from the deaf centre and was invited to an interview the following week.
The Inner knowing- sign with Alan.
The job interview at the time was for bank work and I was unaware there were full time positions available. One of the questions was “how would this fit around my full time job of 45 hours a week?” I replied “yes this will be difficult and my availability would be maybe a weekend and month, but I would be most interested should full time positions be available” At this point they seemed very happy as there were positions available. Two days later I had a much welcome phone call offering me a full time position; I happily accepted and am delighted to say I am due to start in a few weeks time. I look forward to sharing my new learnings and experiences with you.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. The signs I would like to teach this month are:
1. Mind
2. Body
3. Spirit
Please see the attached video:
As always for all those new to sign language and want to learn. I recommend the best place to start is the alphabet. There are lots of videos relating to the BSL alphabet on you tube. This video I feel is one of the best:
Have fun. See you soon.
God bless.
The next Day of Healing is on January 6th at Crosby Library 10-2pm. I will be there to help out, guide people to the right services. Also, if anyone wishes to learn a little sign language, I will be happy to get you started.
All help given on the day is free of charge. Pop in for a cuppa and piece of cake.

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