Cyber-attack – Spiritual attack

1 October, 2023

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Cyber-attack – Spiritual attack

For many years we have written from the “lens” of yoga.  Moving forward we will begin to write from the perspective of the “the spirit within”.  We will still continue to write our yogic understandings.  However, this being said, the perspective of spirit may help our readers unlock, change or understand ourselves and our lives for the better.  What we mean by this is that life becomes easier to live, challenging times become easier.  The things in life that we all go through lose their hold over us.

For those of our readers who are not aware we have been teaching spiritualty for some time.  We just chose to disguise it, for a while.

We would like everyone now to change the word YOGA to SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT.  Now if we go back and read our yoga articles.  We have been teaching spiritual wisdom through the concept of a pose.  This has been done to introduce the “spirit within” and to show that before all else comes the spirit.  It is our own spirits that guide, shape, and help us.

We as individuals have no power – All that we are, comes from spirit.

We all come from the same place, many of us have been friends before and we will be friends again in the next life – if we choose to return.  Why is this important and why so much now?  There are many who are not aware of spirit and there are many who are.  It is not a scary thing, and many do not want to know. Many think it is about religion, but this is not the case.  Spirit is the source of “the All”.

In life there are things that we may think “why me”.  If we understand spiritual laws, who we are and why we are here.  Then these “why me” moments change, we understand differently, we learn, we evolve, and fear diminishes.  We can become kinder, tolerant, forgiving, compassionate, humble.  We can begin to become “Humble Warriors” and enjoy the fruits of what good spirit brings.

We can become MEEK.

Being MEEK is not weak, it is the opposite.  It is tough, strong, resilient.

We find the strength to WRESTLE and overcome what is bad for us and causes us disharmony.

It is hard to be MEEK on this planet with all the chaos, evil and unhappiness.


Over the next few months, we will begin to write and share about how we may be attacked without evening realising. We may have been under attack or have been hacked and programs changed.  We will change some words to contrast and aid in our understandings.

How many of our PC’s have picked up a virus or have been hacked in the past.  How many of us had listening software, keystroke recorders trying to take our passwords.  How many of have a firewall, or VPN.  Why do we have these things? What about the cloud?

Let us think about our own minds.  Angry thoughts, not being able to control our thoughts, nor our emotions. Troubled thoughts, dark thoughts, thoughts to harm, disrupt and upset.  Thoughts that we believe our own when they are not.  We may have that many thoughts we cannot function on a basic level.

Now if our minds are like a laptop or computer- what may we call this type of attack?


Do any of us realise how much energy we waste from negative thinking? Does this wastage slow us down? Inhibit our vibrations.  Is the problem software or hardware, has the hardware been damaged. Has the software been corrupted or manipulated.  Has the network been interfered with? Is there someone on the other end monitoring and causing the chaos?

 How have we let these problems in?

Remember we may not be able to see a cyber-attack, we may feel the effects. Sometimes we may not even feel a thing, our defences disarmed, but others may feel, here and see it!

We wish you all unity with your spirits.

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