Mental Warfare: The burden of soldiers

14 January, 2021

We may not be able to see the light from where we stand but it is there.  Mental Warfare: The burden of soldiers.


Why do so many Soldiers suffer mental health problems?   I think many of us know why but there are other unseen elements to this story.  There are elements that we are not aware of, elements that we may not believe, elements that we have no understanding of, elements that they are not trained to fight.

The burden of any soldier be it air, sea or land is more than we know or see unless we have a spiritual understanding of the situation,.  We must be aware in many cases there is an unseen enemy attacking and causing mayhem with our minds, our families, our work, causing pain and suffering for ourselves and others.



The spiritual laws of cause and effect, Karma, path of the soul and burden of spirit all come into effect, we have other spiritual laws at play.  While the unseen enemy creates havoc with our minds.  We need to know what gives respite and what can make things worse, we need to know our enemy, their tactics and how to disarm them.

Many of us before the internet, net clouds, hacked computers and viruses would not believe these things existed because they could not be seen.  We all know the damage that can be done through corruption of hardware and software or the components of the mind. If the internet can tell a piece of equipment to overheat, catch fire and destroy itself, then maybe we need to know more. Maybe we have picked up a spiritual virus or negative energy that is causing us distress. What if the negative energy is so strong that it is impossible to defend ourselves?


Is this not spiritual warfare, to disable the enemy to render us in effective?



Sometimes there are influences that are not ours, the unseen enemy targeting our thoughts, emotions, self-worth, the list can go on.  Our radio frequencies have been compromised or a negative vibration attached to our spirit.  Signals being sent to us, leading us to believe they are our own mind, showing us horror, pain, suffering, hurting others and ourselves, disconnecting us from those that we love, leading us to believe we are alone-worthless.

Mental Warfare: The burden of soldiers

In our actions to protect, a soldier will pick up negative energy and be sent negative thoughts by consequence of being a soldier.   These all hit their intended target, they cause pain, hurt, disruption all unseen until we see the smouldering remains. But alas the unseen enemy do not just attack soldiers, they attack mums, dads, children, grandparents, aunties and uncles, work mates, friends.  The list goes on continuing to inflict more torment.



There is hope, there is a way to defend, deflect and rebuke we just need to be shown how.



Please share with those who suffer, so they know they are not alone, and help is at hand.  If you wish to know more ir wish to talk about the above article or mental health then come and speak with us on our next “Day of Healing” or check our events page.

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