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12 January, 2021

The Road to Samadhi

We have spoken a little on the power of Silence but how many of us have really silenced the mind.

What does it feel like to still the mind, free from thoughts and feelings, free from pain!

If I try to silence myself for me, I may not get to the place I wish to be, but to be silent for a higher cause, a noble cause, to serve the heart, now that creates change.

Let’s rethink Noble Silence, silence of the mind, to serve the King and Queen within, its not about being silent its about learning to wait, no expectations and to be patient in humble service to what we all carry within.

What ever we have to endure, we are in the right place if our quest is to find Samadhi, or Peace.

If we find Samadhi or not, it really does not matter because it will come to the point the waiting is Peace, the humble servant, the nobleman and noble woman resting in the heart centre with the contentment that it brings.

We cannot find Peace on our own, we have to be called forward by the King, we rest in the wisdom of our Queen until we are ready, pain free, content, no impatience, happy to serve, to endure, to be meek.

The middle road can be overcome, it is indifference, if you find it or not, if you succeed or not it does not matter, the King and Queen know we are waiting, they see our approach.

Our King and Queen rest in every human soul but to be noble in thought, deed and action is not as simple as being silent, try being noble, the fact that we try is what counts, getting it wrong Is part of the journey but to do it for another, to serve our King and Queen, that will make a difference.


Listen to the heart,

For silence is Golden

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