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Well done Mate

1 October, 2023

Well done Mate

Well done mate, from all the team. We are quite sure the 40mph winds and driving rain would not have bothered you one bit.  For those who are not aware, Fatima has just completed the 3 peaks challenge for Action for children.

Here are a few words from the lady herself.


We can all follow Fatima on her Instagram;  https://www.instagram.com/fatima.whitbread/

If you want to help or get involved, donate or do something to help Action for Children.  Follow the below link



If you enjoy keeping up with Fatima’s adventures why not join her on Songs of Praise, Sunday the 15th of October where the theme will be adoption.  We look forward to watching and listening.

Well done mate.

We would say put your feet up and enjoy the rest, but we know that’s not going to happen. 🙂

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