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Alcohol & drugs

21 September, 2023

Alcohol and Drugs
Sept – alcohol & drugs – Reiki Rach
September is here and although autumn has begun it still feels a lot like summer here and we all know that when the weather is nice outside that means BBQ’s and garden parties.
This month I’m going to briefly touch on the energy of alcohol and drugs and how they can drastically impact our health, mental health and life in general.
I will start with alcohol as it is probably the most easily accessible of the two. I want to start by saying I am no saint and I enjoy a glass of wine or a gin and tonic every now and again so there is certainly no judgement here.
We have to remember that alcohol just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that it’s not a drug. It has the ability to alter our perception and drastically impact our health and lifestyle. It is a highly addictive substance just like any other drug.
Consuming even small amounts of alcohol will have an impact on your health be it a hangover, beer belly or depression and paranoia. When we consume alcohol in large quantities on a regular basis it will also have long term effects on your health resulting in more serious side conditions such as increased risk of liver cirrhosis, certain types of cancer and even dementia.
Sept – alcohol & drugs – Reiki Rach
Let’s talk briefly about the spirit vibration. There is a reason why alcohol is referred to as a spirit. It’s because it will attract dark energies and spirits to you. If you have been drinking more than you know you should, you may begin to experience things like financial issues, difficulties in relationships, be it romantic ones or friendships and health issues. This is because when dark spirits surround us, they like to cause as much chaos as they can and by hitting us in these 3 areas (health, finances and relationships).
I realise that the word drug carries a certain stigma. When the fact of the matter is a lot of people who consume drugs and get addicted to drugs that are deemed safe and legal. I’m talking about prescription drugs.
Alcohol & Drugs
Just look at the amount of celebrities we see nowadays that are addicted to prescribed medication and unfortunately many of them have lost their lives to this addiction.
I said it earlier in the post that just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s not a drug. In fact in Canada fentanyl (a prescription drug) has become the most common drug addiction surpassing heroin and cocaine. Sadly this trend has travelled across the seas and has hit the UK with more and more people using this drug (along with other prescription drugs) for recreational purposes.
Finally, drugs have always been and continue to be highly addictive and for many are part of a typical night out.
The fact is that consuming any narcotic is going to have an impact on your health. Now we understand how alcohol and other drugs can impact our physical and mental health. What does it do for our spiritual health?
Alcohol and drugs vibrate at a very low frequency and when we consume them we are ingesting that vibration and our body will naturally start to lower its vibration to match it.
When we are spiritually low, we are more susceptible to attracting other low vibrational energy. Be it getting another hit, lacking motivation, or more arguments with loved ones. Negativity is like an avalanche. It starts with the slightest move in the wrong direction and then the momentum picks up and it just continues to run faster and faster.
So here is a question for all?   If I am a reiki healer how does alcohol and drugs effect my healing ability?  How does this effect our patients?  Food for thought, if you haven’t already, read the link below.
My hope for you this month is that you keep your vibe high and clean
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach
If you are struggling with issues surrounding alcohol or drug use, please pop down to see us at our next day of healing on Saturday 23rd September 10-2 at Crosby Library.

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